Beat the heart attack gene

  1. What are F2 isoprostanes?
    Biomarker of oxidative stress, an inbalance between formation of free radicals and protected antioxidant defenses.
  2. What does elevated F2 isoprostanes do?
    It shows increased oxidation that puts you at risk for accelerated aging, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. People with high levels are nine times more likely to have blockages in coronary arteries and those with low levels
  3. What is the goal of testing F2 isoprostanes?
    To find out how fast your body is oxidizing or breaking down.
  4. What are normal F2 isoprostanes levels?
    <.86 ng/L With optimal being .25
  5. Five test to see if you are at risk of heart attack
    • F2 isoprostanes
    • Fibrinogen
    • High sensitivity C-reactive protein
    • Microalbumin/creatinine urine ratio
    • Lipoprotein associated phospholipase
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