Arrest Made OJ

  1. An officer who makes an arrest outside Broward County but within the State of Florida or outside the State of Florida and, is either injured or charged with a crime, will not receive any of the following
    • Worker’s Compensation
    •  Pay or benefits for missed work
    •  A civil or criminal defense representation
  2. What will be documented in an OJ probable cause arrest
    offense report, including the O. J. report number and O. J. officers assisting in the arrest.
  3. Who will be notified of any OJ arrest
    A Fort Lauderdale Police supervisor (Sergeant or above) shall be notified as soon as reasonably possible of arrests occurring outside the jurisdiction of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. The supervisor will then determine the necessity of any further investigation or reporting.
  4. Arrest made within Broward County but not within FLPD jurisdiction
    If possible, the agency of jurisdiction should actually make the arrest and complete the Probable Cause Affidavits, which may either be co-signed by the Fort Lauderdale Police officer, or list the Fort Lauderdale Police officer as a witness/victim
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Arrest Made OJ
Arrest Made OJ