History 2

  1. What was the German's advantage
  2. What is the Sussex Incident and Pledge
    • French ship (passenger liner) sunk 
    • 1916
  3. states that the German's will stop sub war-fair if, Britain's stop blocking German ports
    Sussex pledge
  4. hint at League of Nation; piece without victory; talking rather than fighting
    New World Order (Wilson's)
  5. Germany's appealing to Mexico to Attack America, promising to give Mexico back what they lost in the Mexican American
    Zimmerman Telegram
  6. what did the American's call themselves in WWI
    Associate Power
  7. American Expeditionary Force leader
    John J. Pershing
  8. Wilson got League of Nations; Germany is blamed
    Treaty of Versailles (1919)
  9. 14 point speech- self- determination in Europe 
    self- determination in the East
    Jan 8, 1918
  10. Who was apposed to the League of Nations
    • Henry Cabot Lodge (Senate Foreign Relations Committee)
    • they thought that article X was in complete violation of the constitution
  11. who was the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
    Henry Cabot Lodge
  12. When did Wilson have his stroke
    October 2, 1919
  13. What the Treaty of Versailles every ratified
  14. what group wanted to spread communism all over the world
    when were they created
    what did they cause
    • Third International 
    • March 1919
    • The First Red Scare
  15. 36 bombs
    Mail bombing scare (1919)
  16. at who's house did one of the Mail bombs reach detonate at
    A Mitchel Palmer
  17. What was called the Bolshevik attempt at a revolution
    Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
  18. who sent the national guard on the policeman strike
    Calvin Coolidge
  19. Pamphlet draft protest
    Schenck v. United States
  20. "clear present danger" rule or test if speech… could be limited
    Schenck v. United States (1919)
  21. American's raid Unia of Russian Workers
    Palmer Raids
  22. When were Russians packed on USS Buford 
    what was the USS Buford also known as
    Who was one of them
    • December 21,1919
    • "Soviet Ark"
    • Emma Goldman
  23. who was president during the great depression
    Herbert Hoover
  24. Black days
    • Black Thursday (Oct. 24, 1929)
    • Black Tuesday (Oct. 29, 1929)
  25. What was the beginning of the Great Depression
    The great crash
  26. who was the "great humanitarian"
    Herbert Hoover
  27. Secretary of Treasury
    Andrew Mellon
  28. When was the Agricultural Marketing Act
  29. what raised tariff rates to some of the highest rates in History
    • Hawley-Smoot Tariff
    • it hurt the american economy
  30. what gave the government the ability to lend funds to banks, insurance comp., big comp., railroads
    Reconstruction Finance Cooperation (1932)
  31. Does the "trickle down" plan succeed
  32. Hoover blankets
  33. Hoover Hogs
    jack rabbits
  34. handing out money
    • "Dole"
    • great depression
  35. pivital point in great depression
    Ford Hanger March Dearborn, MI (March 7, 1932)
  36. who created the National Farmer's Holiday Association
    Nilo Rino
  37. F. D. Roosevelt was Gov. of NY in what year
  38. helped create Temporary Emergency Relief Act (TERA)
    Harry Hopkins
  39. F. D. Roosevelt's plan
    New Deal
  40. who created Keynesian economics
    John Maynard Keynes
  41. decide which banks open and receive funds, passed in how many hours
    • Emergency Banking Act
    • passed in four hours
  42. insurance that protects your money to a certain amount
  43. license investment deals (1933-1934)
  44. head of SEC
    Joseph P. Kennedy
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