WCS 307

  1. WCS responsibility
    • review the FWP
    • have TWD prepared
    • ensure proper work authorizations have been obtained prior to starting work
    • conduct a training of work center personnel
    • supervise QA programs within assigned work centers
    • ensure only material specified by the applicable drawings, standards, or specifications is ordered and installed
    • ensure tools, measuring and test equipment used during maintenance and testing are of proper range, scale and in calibration
    • ensure all controlled work is accomplished in accordance with approved CWP
  2. CWP/FWP difference
    CWP has OQE
  3. Who approves pen and ink changes to a WP?
    • LWCS
    • LPO
    • DIVO
  4. What type of work requires a CWP?
    • Critical system
    • Test cert
  5. 5 required elements of a FWP?
    • Material
    • Initial conditions
    • MP
    • test and inspections
    • System restoration
  6. When is a revision required on a work package?
    • Scope of the work changes
    • Boundary of the work changes
    • Change in test requirements unless authorized by a DFS
    • Any change in material requirements, which result in change in testing requirements
  7. How is a revision request submitted?
    • Work must stop Immediately and the LPO/WCS must be notified when the need for a revision is identified
    • The revision is then initiated for surface for ships an FWP revision is initiated by the originating work center and reviewed by the division officer responsible for work associated with the revision
  8. Define re-work
    Rework is the unplanned repetition of a step or a series of steps in a CWP/FWP
  9. Quality escape
    Sending something to The ship and they send it back because we messed up on our end
  10. What does singing a QA-17 as a QA WCS signify?
    That the testing was sat
  11. What documents should be reviewed before starting any step on an FWP/CWP?
    QA-9 Maintenance certification record/re entry control
  12. When must block 15D be signed and by whom on QA-9?
    • When arriving on the ship
    • OOD
  13. What is purpose of a QA-14?
    • To correct a deficiency
    • surveillance/monitoring/ Audit discrepancy record
  14. Who provides final approval on a FWP?
    Dept head
  15. How do you request a change to standard CWP or FWP?
    • FWP- planning
    • CWP-QA
  16. What do you do as the WCS prior to certification testing for a CWP?
    Review for accuracy and completion
  17. Explain the use of pre job briefs
    • Acceptance criteria
    • Methods to maintain cleanliness
    • Required actions for a loss of cleanliness
  18. Explain the rework or request process, include signature requirements for FWP & CWP?
  19. OQE?
    Any documented statement or fact pertaining to the quality of a product or service based on observations, measurements, or test that can be verified evidence
  20. What is technical authority?
    A representative designated to act for naval sea systems command (navsea)
  21. Who has technical authority at SWRMC?
    The cheng
  22. What is a QA-9
    Maintenance certification record/re-entry control
  23. What is a QA-10?
    Maintenance certification record/re-entry control supplements sheet
  24. R
    Steps requiring verification/inspection
  25. S
    Ships force
  26. C
    Cleanliness inspection by craftsman
  27. I
    Requiring inspection by a quality assurance inspector (QAI) or NDT inspector
  28. CI
    Steps requiring independent cleanliness inspectors (SCI, RCI)
  29. Q
    Critical quality control points
  30. V
    Steps requiring verification by craftsman
  31. G
    Government notification required
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