1. What is ICS be used in compliance with?
    SEMS and NIMS
  2. What are the tactical priorities of the IC?
    • Life safety
    • Incident stabilization 
    • Property conservation 
    • Safety and accountability
  3. How many days prior to a burn must instructor in charge complete the forms
    14 days
  4. What ics forms must be completed for a live burn?
  5. How many instructors are needed for live fire burns?
    One per squad, 1 safety officer
  6. How far back should equipment be during live fire training ops?
    100 ft
  7. What is the required water for live training?
    • 1000 gpm, or 1 3000gpm water tender 
    • Minimum 2 1500 gpm pumper
  8. What is the NFPA for live fire burns?
  9. How many hours must reserves do?
    • 36 per month
    • 12 volunteer per year
    • Probation 6 months
  10. When is the DOC activated?
    Whenever a significant event creates the potential additional fire department situational awareness and command oversight
  11. Why are tactical channels used?
    To avoid interference from ECC during an incident
  12. Report on conditions should I include?
    • Address 
    • Type of incident 
    • Life hazard
    • Exposure problems
    • Establish command
    • Name incident 
    • Location of ICP
    • assign objectives to resources 
    • Order additional equipment
  13. What are methods of department communications?
    • BFD weekly update 
    • Fire chief meetings 
    • Deputy chief meetings 
    • Firehouse forum meetings
    • Fd memos
    • BFD social media 
    • BFD website
  14. How often should people be replaced
    10 years
  15. What should you do if you lose a helmet magnet
    Notify the battalion chief and fill out an RM01
  16. What monthly reports must be completed on the 1st of every month
    Company monthly training report

    individual company drill and school report

    request for supplies

    fire safety inspection
  17. Who should I notify in case of a power failure
    Ecc and a battalion chief
  18. The mercy generator section with the operation and main it's manual shall contain the following
    Permit to operate and emergency generation operation log
  19. What are the hours for washing your personal vehicle
    9 on Sunday one on Saturday after 6 the rest of the week
  20. When our station inspections performed
    November by the battalion chief
  21. What are emergency maintenance items
    • Clog drains nonworking refrigerators Heating or cooling equipment
    • non functioning or damaged doors
  22. What schools are inspected
    All schools to 12 grade
  23. Engine company shall inspect all non speaker building's over how many feet?
  24. How often are sprinkler buildings inspected
    Every 3 years
  25. After how many false alarms in one year will the business be cited
    Three.  But a 7 day grace. Shall be permitted upon installation of a new alarm system
  26. Who is responsible for enforcement of the California fire code
    The fire chief
  27. Oil containers that are not leaking shall be reported to who?
    • Prevention
    • If leaking, hazmat
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