B-777 Flight Controls

  1. The primary flight control system is highly redundant with three operating modes. They are:
    Normal, Secondary, and Direct
  2. TAC (thrust asymmetry compensation) is available when:
    airspeed is above 70 knots
  3. The stabilizer is powered by:
    right and center hydraulic systems.
  4. The takeoff stabilizer trim green band is calculated using:
    • FMC inputs of CG
    • gross weight
    • takeoff thrust
    • and V1
  5. With the PFC’s in the NORMAL mode, autopilot off, flight control inputs from the pilot go directly to:
    ACEs and then the PFCs, then back to the ACEs
  6. Which hydraulic systems power the spoilers?
    All three:  LEFT, CENTER, and RIGHT
  7. Flap load relief is available at:
    flaps 15 through 30 positions ONLY
  8. In which mode is autoslat operation available?
  9. When armed what activates the thrust asymmetry compensation (TAC) system?
    when engine thrust differs by more than 10% between engines
  10. Bank angle protection is not available in either the secondary or direct mode. (T or F)?
  11. In the ____ flight control system mode(s), the Manual Trim Cancel Switch is active for canceling manual rudder trim.
    normal and secondary
  12. Moving the Primary Flight Computers Disconnect Switch to the DISC position puts the flight controls in the _____ mode.
    Direct mode
  13. While airborne in the flight control system NORMAL mode, the control wheel pitch trim switches:
    cause the primary flight computer to change the pitch trim reference speed.
  14. With the autopilot engaged, using the primary pitch trim switches are:
    Inhibited.  They will have no effect.
  15. The amount of aileron trim is indicated:
    on a scale on top of each control column.
  16. The EICAS caution message SPEEDBRAKE EXTENDED is displayed if speedbrakes are extended when:
    • flap lever in landing position
    • radio altitude is between 15 and 800 feet
    • either thrust lever is not at idle

    (all of the above)
  17. In the event of a complete electrical system shut-down, cables from the flight deck to the stabilizer and Spoilers ____ allow the pilot to fly straight and level until the electrical system is restarted.
    4 and 11
  18. Alternate pitch trim levers are linked via __________ to the stabilizer trim control modules (STCM)
    via control cables...
  19. TAC is available when the airspeed is above ____ knots.
  20. During takeoff, the rudder becomes aerodynamically effective at approximately ____ knots
    Image Upload 1  60 knots
  21. The thrust asymmetry compensation (TAC) system disengages:
    Image Upload 2  if engine thrust data is lost.
  22. In the secondary and direct flight control modes, the elevator feel system changes when the flaps are:
    the flaps are extended out of UP
  23. The Alternate Pitch Trim Levers should NOT be used with the autopilot
  24. On the 777-200ER, flap and slat extension is inhibited whenever altitude is above approximately _______feet or airspeed is above ____ knots.
    20,000 '

    265 KIAS
  25. Some 777-300ERs are equipped with a tail skid system. How is this system activated?
    Automatically and uses the main landing gear actuation system.
  26. On the 777-300ER with the Flaps/Slats in the "Secondary Mode" the slats will retract to the midrange position with airspeed greater than______knots
    256 knots
  27. On the 777-300ER aircraft to protect against inadvertent deployment during cruise, flap and slat extension from the UP position is inhibited when
    speed is more than 275 knots or altitude is above approximately 20,000 feet.
  28. What are the flap limit speeds on the 777-300ER for flaps 25 and 30?
    • Flaps 25.....200 knots
    • Flaps 30.....180 knots
  29. On the -300ER, what is/are the authorized flap setting(s) for takeoff with TO thrust selected?
    Both 15 and 20
  30. On the 777-300ER, flap and slat extension is inhibited whenever altitude is above approximately 20,000 feet or airspeed is above ____ knots.
    275 knots
  31. Before liftoff, the thrust asymmetry compensation (TAC) system ________________ for the failed engine.
    does not fully compensate....
  32. The thrust asymmetry compensation (TAC) system significantly reduces uncommanded flight path changes associated with an engine failure or thrust differential by automatically adding rudder to minimize yaw.  (T or F)?
  33. In-flight, at what flap settings are Speedbrake operations allowed.
    ALL flap settings.
  34. In the Secondary Flap/Slat Mode, what will happen if the aircraft exceeds 256 knots (777-300ER) with the slats fully extended?
    The slats automatically retract to the mid-range position and LOAD RELIEF is displayed.
  35. Cargo handling and fueling operations are powered by which electrical bus?
    Ground Handling Bus
  36. What occurs automatically if both AC transfer busses lose power inflight?
    The RAT deploys and the APU starts.
  37. The Electrical Load Management System (ELMS) provides load management and protection to ensure power is available to critical and essential equipment. (T or F)?
  38. What is the purpose of the Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG's) housed within each backup generator?
    To supply power to the flight control DC electrical system
  39. What does an illuminated DRIVE   light on the integrated Drive Generator DISC switch represent?
    IDG oil pressure is low.
  40. What is the function of the ON  position of the Engine Generator Control (GEN CTRL) switch?
    It arms the generator breaker to close automatically when generator power is available.
  41. Selecting the IFE/PASS SEATS switch OFF removes ALL power from the PAX seats and entertainment system, including seat motor power and power outlets. (T or F)?
  42. What occurs when the CABIN/UTILITY power switch is selected  OFF  ?
    It removes power from the Cabin and Utility sysems and turns on SOME cabin lighting.
  43. With only the BATTERY switch ON, what remains powered?
    Emergency lighting

    The Standby Busses

    The left inboard, outboard and upper center displays, and the left CDU
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