Physics Exam 1

  1. What are the dimensions of volume?
  2. What are the dimensions of velocity?
  3. What is an order-of-magnitude estimate?
    A rough estimate made by rounding off all numbers to one significant figure and its power of ten, and after the calculation is made, only one sig fig is kept.
  4. A scalar quantity is defined as
    A quantity that is specified by a numerical value only
  5. A vector quantity is defined as
    A quantity that is specified  by using both a numerical value and a direction
  6. The position, x, of an object is given by the equation x=A + Bt + Cchart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=t%5E2&chs=30x34, where t refers to time. What are the dimensions of A, B, and C?
    • Distance
    • distance/time
    • chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=distance%2Ftime%5E2&chs=250x40
  7. At a given instant, the acceleration of a particle is zero, this means that...
    The velocity is not changing at that instant
  8. The area under a curve in a velocity versus time graph gives
  9. A stone is thrown straight up. When it reaches its highest point, its velocity is ___ and acceleration is ___
    • Zero
    • Not zero
  10. The horizontal component of the velocity of a projectile does what during the entire trajectory?
    Remains constant
  11. For a projectile launched horizontally, the vertical component of the velocity...
    Continuously increases
  12. For which value of Θ is the height of a projectile fired from ground level a maximum?
    90° above horizontal
  13. For which value of Θ is the range of a projectile fired from ground level a maximum?
    45° above horizontal
  14. Equation for average speed
    • chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=%5Cfrac%7Bx_f-x_i%7D%7Bt_f-t_i%7D&chs=94x74
    • distance/time
  15. Equation for average acceleration
  16. How do you find instantaneous velocity?
    Slope of tangent line
  17. Distance equation for circle
  18. If acceleration is constant, velocity changes linearly in the equation:
  19. Equation for average velocity
  20. Equation of position as a function of time
  21. Equation of velocity as a function of position
  22. How many cubic cm in a liter?
    1000 cm³
  23. A parabola that has a negative slope but is curving down...
    Indicates speeding up because the slopes of the tangent lines at each point are getting more negative and increasing in magnitude
  24. A parabola that has a negative slope but is curving up...
    Indicates slowing down because the slope of the tangent lines at each point are getting less negative thus, decreasing in magnitude.
  25. Distance equation as a function of speed:
  26. Height equation
  27. Displacement in x direction
    • x=dcosθ
    • x=chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=V_o_xt&chs=74x36
  28. Displacement in y direction
    • y=dsinθ
    • chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=y%3DV_o_yt&chs=132x36
  29. Percent error equation
  30. Equation for magnitude
  31. Equation for angle of direction
  32. Definition of deceleration
    Velocity and acceleration have opposite signs
  33. Definition of range
    Horizontal distance a projectile travels
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