B-777 Navigation

  1. If the NAV ADIRU inertial system fails, the SAARU will continue to provide heading information based on the ADIRU heading prior to failure (if the airplane is not in the polar region) for ____ minute(s).
    3 minutes.
  2. In flight if the ADIRU switch is inadvertently selected OFF, the ADIRU..........
    system logic prevents the ADIRU from becoming unpowered
  3. If AC power to the ADIRU is lost, the ADIRU will continue to operate on DC (battery) power.    (T or F)?
  4. The FMC automatically tunes the VOR, DME, and ILS radios for position updating.

     (T or F)?
  5. If the ADIRU becomes inoperative during flight, the EICAS message NAV ADIRU INERTIAL displays and ____ data is used to navigate.
  6. When entering a Polar region, the Heading Reference (HDG REF) switch must be manually selected to TRUE to enable the FMC to reference True North.

     (T or F)?
  7. What is indicated by an illuminated ON BAT light on the overhead panel?
    The airplane battery is powering the ADIRU.
  8. If the ADIRU fails, what information is provided by the SAARU?

    (hint:  three things ONLY)
    Attitude, three minutes of heading and air data.
  9. How is the radar system turned on?
    By pressing the WXR button on the EFIS control panel.
  10. If required, where can a RNP value be entered into the FMC?
    POS REF page 2.

     PROGRESS page 4.
  11. When the FMC has transitioned to "on approach", the MCP altitude can be set above the airplane altitude for a missed approach, and the MCP altitude setting is at least 300 feet above the current airplane altitude, VNAV continues to command a descent.

    (T or F)?
  12. What information is supplied by the Air Data Inertial Reference Unit (ADIRU)?
    Primary Flight Data.

    Inertial Reference.

    Air Data.

    (All of the above.)
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