PTCB Chap 1 _'s

  1. When ordering a CIII medication what document is required for proof of receipt?

    A. Commerical Invoice
  2. 2. Because federal and state record keeping requirements can vary in each state, which law should be followed?

    A. Most stringent
  3. For general laws concerning pharmacy rules and regulations, which law should be followed?

    D. Most stringent
  4. Which of the following is true regarding a doctor's DEA number?

    D. All of the above
  5. Which one of these DEA numbers for Dr. Wilson is correct?

  6. Which statement is true regarding NDC numbers?
    a. The middle four numbers indicate a specific drug
    b. the 3rd set of numbers represent the maufactuer
    c. the NDC number can be found in Facts and Comparisions
    d. All of the above
    a, The middle four numbers indicate a specific drug
  7. To whom are drug recalls, drug reactions and outcomes reported?

    B. FDA
  8. When drug maufacturers notify a pharmacy of a drug recall, how are the affected drugs identified?

    B. LOT Number and expiration date
  9. Which one of the following drugs would not require a patient package insert?

    A. Omeprazole
  10. What do the first five, middle four and last two digits of an NDC number represent?

    C. Manufacturer, drug and package size
  11. A list of drug package inserts could be located in which one of these books?

    B. Physician desk reference
  12. What is the maximum amount of refills for CIII-CV prescriptions in a six month period?

    A. 5 refills
  13. Who may initiate the ordering of an investigational drug?

    B. Physician
  14. Who may order controlled drug substance schedule CI drugs?

    B. Neither
  15. The expiration date on a bottle of Naproxen is 8/08. When will this drug expire?

    A. last day of August
  16. Which drug recall must go to the customer level?

  17. Which form is used to report lost or stolen drugs?

  18. Which schedule has no legal medicinal use?

  19. Which drug does not require a childproof closure?

  20. Which form is used when ordering CII drugs?

  21. A prescription for Alprazolam may be refilled how many times?

  22. If a doctor indicates 2 refills on a prescription for percocet 10mg, how may times may it be refilled?

  23. What is the total number of tablets a customer will receive after using all of their refills on a prescription for vicodin #30 with 3 refills?

  24. A prescription for Norco 10/325 mg with 2 refills is written and first filled on 1/1/2005, when will the prescription expire?

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