BIO 41 CHAP 4 Questions

  1. Which general type of membrane protein provides "assistance" for LARGE, CHARGED, and/or HYDROphilic Solutes to cross plasma membrane?
    Transport Proteins
  2. Process involving movement of substance (other than water) from a region of High Concentration to region of Low Concentration
  3. A membrane, a Concentration Gradient, & a Transport Protein are required for _______ Diffusion.
    Facilitated; No Energy is used
  4. What's the main difference between Simple Diffusion & Facilitated Diffusion?
    • Facilitated = Need Protein
    • Simple = Does not
    • --The transport of substances that are unable to cross membrane by simple diffusion must be "facilitated" by proteins
  5. True or False: Osmosis has no impact on membrane permeability
  6. In order to communicate, cells produce ________ molecules that travel throughout the body of a multicellular organism & attach to _________ proteins found on or in ________ cells. The interaction of these molecules results in a __________ ____________ __________ that may turn on genes that help cell respond to message it has received.
    • signaling
    • receptor
    • target
    • signal transduction pathway
  7. Maintaining the chemical composition of cytoplasm requires great deal of ______.
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BIO 41 CHAP 4 Questions
BIO 41 CHAP 4 Questions