Squire (2)

  1. Jim But that was two minutes ago!
    JENNY. I know!!! What’s the point of love if it’s not at first sight? You do love me too, don’t you?
    JIM.  Yes, of course I do. 
    (SQUIRE re-enters with MUM.)
    • Delicious, Mrs Hawkins.
    • Quite delicious!
    • As always, your spotted dick reigns supreme!
    • But now, if you’ll excuse me –
    • (Sees JENNY)
    • Jennifer, what are you doing here?
  2. JENNY.  You left me outside.
    • (taking her aside)
    • Don’t you realise
    • this is not the sort of establishment for young ladies?
  3. JENNY.  Why ever not?
    • Because young ladies do sewing
    • and play the piano!
  4. JENNY.  But I want a life of adventure!
    • The sooner we get you to the Women’s Institute the better!
    • I mean, just look at the crowd in here!
  5. (CHORUS spring into raucous life.)
    • It’s even worse than I thought!
    • (Grabs JENNY’S hand.)
    • Quick, we must go!
  6. JENNY.  Jim! (Looks longingly at JIM.)
    JIM.  Jenny! (Looks longingly at JENNY.)
    • (pulling JENNY towards the door)
    • Come along, Jennifer!
    • (Exits with JENNY.)
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