Psyc Exam 1

  1. good-of-fit
    -the idea that behavior is problematic or not problematic depending on the environment in which it occurs
  2. culture-bound illness
    - abnormal behaviors specific to a particular location or group
  3. abnormal behavior
    - behavior inconsistent with person's developmental, culturl, and societal norms causing distress and dysfunction
  4. clinical presentation
    - symptoms that cluster together
  5. etiology
    - how the disorder begins
  6. developmental stage
    - whether a disorder looks different in a child than an adult
  7. finctional impairment
    - immediate and long term consequences of having the disorder
  8. contextual factors
    - age, race, gender, ethnicity
  9. developmental trajectory
    - idea that common sympoms of a disorder may vary depending on a person's age
  10. downward drift
    - phenomenon of decreased success in life because of the affects of a disorder
  11. trephination
    • - drilling a hole in someone's head to release demons from the brain
    • - practiced in ancient cultures like Egypt
  12. Hippocrates
    • - father of medicine
    • - identified hallucinations, delusions, melancholia, mania, hysteria
    • - abn. behav. occurs when environment and physical factors cause imbalance in 4 humours
    • - advocated patient removal from family foreshadowing institutions
  13. Hippocrates 4 humours
    - yellow bile, black bile, blood, phlegm
  14. Galen
    - successor to Hippocrates ideas
  15. mass hysteria
    - group of people share a belief not based in fact
  16. emotional contagion
    - automatic mimicry and synchronization of expressions, vocalizations, postures, and movements of one person by another
  17. lycanthropy
    - people believe they're possessed by wolves
  18. tarantism
    - belief that a tarantula bite would cause death unless the person danced wildly
  19. Philippe Pinel
    - created an asylum for men
  20. William Tuke
    • - created an asylum out of a house for people with mental illnesses to live
    • - "kindness and occupation" moral treatment
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