5th Grade SS Am. Hist. 300 - 307

  1. Documents protecting American from colonization declaring any attempt by a foreign country to colonize would be considered an act of hostility.
    Monroe Doctrine
  2. Feeling of pride and loyalty to a country.
  3. The first road build by the federal government.
    Cumberland Road
  4. Man made water path that ran from Albany to Buffalo, New York.
    Erie Canal
  5. When one is more devoted to one geographic region than the interests of the country as a whole.
  6. A revolutionary fighter, called the "Liberator, who led many of the struggles for independence from Spain.
    Simon Bolivar
  7. In 1819 this court case asserted the powers of Congress to create a national bank.
    McCulloch vs. Maryland
  8. In this court case in 1824 the courts ruled that states could not interfere with the power of Congress to regulate interstate commerce.
    Gibbons vs. Ogden
  9. The provisions of the Missouri Compromise.
    • 1.  It would enter the Union as a slave state.
    • 2.  Maine would join the Union as a free state, keeping the number of slave and free states equal.
    • 3.  Slavery would not be allowed in new territories or states formed north of the 36 degree latitude mark.
  10. Why did we need the Missouri Compromise?
    It kept the number of slave and non-slave states equal and established no slavery in the northern states.
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5th Grade SS Am. Hist. 300 - 307
5th grade ss 300 - 307