B-777 Landing Gear

  1. Nose wheel steering and main gear aft axle steering are powered by the ____ hydraulic system.
  2. With the autobrake selector in _____ mode, maximum braking is attained when both thrust levers are retarded to idle above 85 knots.
    RTO  (Rejected Takeoff)
  3. Main gear aft axle steering automatically operates when the nosewheel steering exceeds ____ degrees.
  4. Wheel brake temperature data can be obtained from the ____ display.
    GEAR synoptic
  5. The Autobrake System is available in which mode of braking?
    normal only
  6. The center hydraulic system powers the alternate brakes after loss of normal brake pressure ____.
  7. Each main gear wheel brake wear indicator pin must protrude __________.
    beyond flush with the parking brake engaged
  8. Tire pressures are displayed ____.
    on the gear synoptic
  9. RTO will provide maximum braking when takeoff is rejected, the thrust levers are retarded to idle, and speed is above ______KIAS
     85 knots
  10. The BRAKE SOURCE light will illuminate amber if there is a loss of pressure in the ____ and ________ hydraulic systems.
    right and center hydraulic systems.
  11. The conditions for autobrakes to activate when armed in the RTO mode and the takeoff is rejected are ____.
    both thrust levers retarded to idle and...

    speed above 85 knots
  12. The conditions for autobrakes to activate in a landing sequence when armed in a landing mode are ____.
    both thrust levers retarded to idle and

    wheel spinup
  13. Alternate landing gear extension uses a dedicated ____ power hydraulic pump.
    DC powered electric hydraulic pump
  14. T or F

    You reject your takeoff and allow RTO to stop the aircraft. A maintenance inspection is required.
  15. What is the minimum turn width of pavement required for the -200ER / -300ER?
    156 ft    -200ER

    186 ft    -300ER
  16. On the -300ER, the Semi-Levered Main Landing Gear Actuator is______ for takeoff and_______ for landing.
     Locked for takeoff to restrict rotation of main gear truck and allow takeoff rotation about the aft wheel axle

    Unlocked for landing to provide additional damp
  17. Regarding main gear aft axle steering, during pushback or towing operations, pilots (WILL / WILL NOT) pressurize the center hydraulic system to prevent tire scrubbing during turns.
  18. Where are brake temperature displayed?
    On the Gear Synoptic.
  19. Which hydraulics system powers the normal brake system?
  20. T or F

    The maximum autobrake deceleration rate in the landing mode is less than that produced by full pedal (max manual) braking.
  21. Identify the true statement(s) regarding alternate extension of the landing gear using the ALTN GEAR switch.

    1 )After extension, the GEAR DOOR EICAS message will be displayed.

    2 )Three green DN indications verify all three gear are down and locked.

    3 )The landing gear free-fall to the down and locked position.

    4 )All of the above.
    4) All of the above.
  22. The following will cause the autobrakes to disarm after landing...
    Applying brakes with either brake pedal.

    Selecting DISARM or OFF on the autobrake selector.

    Moving the Speedbrake lever to the DOWN detent after they have deployed.
  23. How do you verify the parking brake is set?
    The EICAS memo message PARKING BRAKE SET is displayed.
  24. How many degrees of travel can the rudder pedals move the nose gear?
    Up to 7 degrees in either direction.
  25. The autobrakes operate using which brake system(s)?
  26. T or F

    Pushing the landing gear override (LOCK OVRD) button releases the landing gear lever lock, allowing the landing gear lever to be raised.
  27. The green landing gear DOWN gear position indicator displays on EICAS when:
    All landing gear are down and locked.
  28. Which brake systems provide anti-skid protection?
    • Normal,
    • alternate, reserve AND
    • accumulator.

  29. T or F

    After landing, autobrake operation (if armed) begins when either thrust lever is retarded to IDLE and the wheels have spun up.
    FALSE.  Both throttles must be idle
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