WOTW Stent

    Good morning sirs.
    Ogilvy: Good morning. thses are my associates, my dear friend Mr Henderson, Astronomer Royal for England and Mr Stent, Astronomer Royal for Scotland.
    Good day to ya gentlemen.
  2. Wells: Good morning, Astronomer royals, this must be a proper show.
    Vera: Indeed sir.
    • Ogilvy,
    • your wire to Albin and Denning
    • of the Astronomical Exchange
    • has roused every observatory
    • in the three kingdoms.
    • I do hope it's worth all this fuss.
  3. OGILVY: Well you’ll see, it’s just over   there!  
    HENDERSON: In the sand pit!  
    WELLS:   Goodness   me!   That’s   no   asteroid!  
    OGILVY:   What   did   I   tell   you?   That   is   the   metal   cylinder!
    It  is a startling discovery,  

    Ogilvy. Good work man.  
  4. VERA:   Can   you   hear   something?   HENDERSON:   No  
    OGILVY:   Oh   yes,   my,   my!
    • There’s some faint sounds of movement
    • coming   from   within.  
  5. OGILVY: Good heavens!   I cannot   believe   th-there  seems  to  be  a  man in   it!
    Half   roasted   to   death   no   doubt,   trying   to   escape!
    • Oi!  
    • You ruffians!  
    • Stop throwing stones at it!  
    • Do you want to fall in?
  6. WELLS:   “A unidentified giant bullet   landed in the once proud sandpit of Horsell
    Common in Woking on Friday morning. The projectile is of an unfamiliar alloy
    with a yellowish hue and faint scratching   sounds came within. Several scientists,   including Astronomer Royals and the   promising genius William
    Ogilvy, came to assess this strange object.”
    Strange is indisputably the word.
  7. HENDERSON: I’ve   never   seen   anything   like   it!
    • I  dinnae think  
    • anyone   ever
    • will   see   anything   like   it   ever   agin!
  8. OGILVY:   What   is   the   meaning   of   this   interruption!  
    VERA:   Look!   The   cylinder   is   unscrewing!
    (THEY   all   gasp)
  9. HENDERSON:   The   end   of   the   thing   is   beginning   to   flake   off!  
    OGILVY:   Ha!   The   old   shavers   got   the   willies!
    • By  Jove!
    • There   definitely   must   be   people   trapped   in   there   then!  
    • (To   crowd)
    • Everyone   Keep   back!   Keep   back!
  10. WELLS:  No   we’re   happy   to   stay   up   here   if   it’s   all   the   same.  
    OGILVY:   Suit   yourself.   Bring   the   white   flag   Stent.
  11. HENDERSON:   I   hope   whoever   is   in   there   is   okay.  
    OGILVY:   Well   let’s   see.  
    Hello!   Is   everyone   okay   in   there?
    Something   doesn’t   seem   right   here…

    • (A Martian slithers out, everyone gasps )
  12. OGILVY:   What   on   earth’s   name   is   that?  
    HENDERSON:   It’s   a   ghastly   looking   creature!  
    WELLS:   Dear   God…
     What   ugly   brutes!
  13. VERA:   Uh-oh  
    OGILVY:   Good god!  (Heat   ray   strikes   him)   Heeeee!!
    WELLS:   No!   VERA:   He’s   killed   him!   Turned   him   to   ash!
    They’re   evil!
  14. HENDERSON:   Everyone,   run   for   it!   VERA:   What   are   you   waiting   for   Sir?   Let’s   go!  
    WELLS:   Yes   let’s!  
     ( Calling   to   STENT   &   HENDERSON )
     What   are   you   two   waiting
     for?   Stent?   Henderson?  
    HENDERSON:   Pardon?
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