wound care day 4

  1. Pyoderma Gangrenosum (PG)
    • Rare, chronic inflammatory disease with unknown etiology with painful skin ulcers
    • Legs most commonly effected
    • Surgery & Sharp debride are avoided as it can trigger PG
  2. Kaposi Sarcoma
    • Cancer that develops from cells that line lymph or blood vessels
    • Caused by HIV
    • Most often in males
    • Presents as red to purple asymptomatic spots, become painful
  3. Sickle Cell Ulcerations
    • chronic leg ulcers
    • usually black or hispanic descent
    • may develop after trauma or spontaneous
    • Not completely understood
  4. Calciphylaxis
    • excessive calcium deposited in microvascular system causing painful necrotic lesions
    • Seen exclusively in end stage renal dx and hyperparathyroidism
    • Calcium & phos must be brought to low/norm levels safely
  5. Pemphigus
    • rare autoimmune skin disorder characterized by epidermal blistering of skin 
    • Effects all races, prevalent in middle age & older
    • skin lesions, recurrent blisters, flaccid mouth ulcers
    • Nikolsky's sign positive (skin is loosened and when rubbed, slips free just as skin on blanched tomato)
  6. Kennedy terminal ulcer
    ulcer many people get as they are passing away
  7. fungating malignant wounds
    malignant wounds caused by infiltration of epidermis by primary or metastic tumor
  8. Marjolin Ulcer
    • squamous cell carinoma arising at sites of chronic inflammation or wounds
    • usually long period btwn injury and malignant transformation - may be 10 -25 years
  9. silver sulfadiazine
    • broadspectrum antivacterial creme, aka Silvadene
    • impedes fibroblast activity
  10. type of specialty absorptive dressing
    hydrofiber dressing
  11. What is contraindicated for use with silver products
    Enzymatic debrider (Santyl)
  12. Fat soluble vitamins
    • All 
    • Dogs 
    • Eat
    • Kibble
  13. Half life of pre-albumin
    1-2 days
  14. at risk level for pre-albumin
    <16 mg
  15. What is half life of albumin
    18-21 days
  16. What may impede fibroblast function
    silver sulfadiazine
  17. mm
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