Escape from Police Custody

  1. What must be included in a BOLO of an escaped prisoner
    • full physical characteristics
    • charge
    • direction of travel
    • time of day
    • whether inmate is handcuff/armed, if so with what
  2. Who is responsible for establishing a perimeter
    The transporting/custodial officer
  3. Who is responsible for notifying the district captain
  4. If the district captain is not available for notification, who will be notified
    district shift lieutenant
  5. Who will coordinate with teletype to have what information entered into FCIC
    communications will coordinate to have "temporary felon" entered into NCIC pending the acquisition of a warrant at the direction of a supervisor
  6. What are the supervisor responsibilities
    • Take charge of scene
    • Determine the number and type of units required to assist in search
    • Have communication call out the necessary speciality units
    • Notify command as necessary
  7. Who makes the decision to discontinue the search for the escapee
    The supervisor
  8. If the escapee is a threat to the community, who determines evacuation or notification to the public
    The supervisor or at command level
  9. If the escapee is recaptured, what will be amended?
    The probable cause affidavit
  10. Who will complete the PC if the arresting officer is not available
    The supervisor will assign an officer to amend or complete a PC/supplement report
  11. All reports will be forward to?
    CID- criminal investigation division
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Escape from Police Custody
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