Western CivilizationQ2

  1. Explain the importance of Homer and the Homeric epics to Greek civilization.
  2. Trace and explain the political history of Athens, paying special attention to Athenian democracy.
  3. How were Athenian views of democracy, human rights, and freedom different from those prevalent in contemporary America?
  4. Define the term matter philosopher. Name at least two philosophers who fit the definition and explain their theories.
  5. Plato was Socrates’ student and Aristotle was Plato’s student. Show how, in these two relationships, the disciple’s thought came to differ from the master’s teachings
  6. Describe Alexander the Great, his life, and his accomplishments. How did he change the world?
  7. Explain Epicureanism and its place in the history of Greek philosophy.
  8. Explain Stoicism and its place in the history of Greek philosophy.
  9. Explain Skepticism and Cynicism. Discuss their position in the history of Greek thought.
  10. The author has been emphasizing the importance of Greek civilization in the development of the West. What has the Hellenistic phase of Greek civilization added to that influence?
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Western CivilizationQ2
Western Civilization Quiz 2