Lab Vocab Set 1-20

  1. Alveolus
    a deep pit or socket in the maxillae or mandible
  2. Articulation
    the junction of two bones
  3. Auricular
  4. Bifid
    cleft into two parts or branches
  5. Capitulum
    a little head
  6. Concha
    a spiral structure like a seashell
  7. Condyle
    a large, smooth rounded articulating oval structure
  8. Coracoid
    describing a projection shaped like a crow's beak
  9. Coronoid
    describing a triangular projection ending in a sharp point
  10. Costal
    associated with or part of the ribs
  11. Crest
    a narrow, prominent ridgelike projection
  12. Cribriform
    perforated like a sieve (strainer)
  13. Demifacet
    half of a facet, part of an articular surface shared by two adjacent bones
  14. Diaphysis
    middle portion of a long bone; the shaft
  15. Eminence
    elevation or projection, especially on a bone
  16. Epicondyle
    projecton adjacent to condyle
  17. Epiphysis
    the end of a long bone
  18. Facet
    a small, flat shallow articulating surface
  19. Fissure
    a narrow, slit-like opening through a bone
  20. Foramen (foramina)
    a rounded passageway through a bone
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Lab Vocab Set 1-20