Overview of the departments

  1. what are the tubes used for chemistry
    • red
    • gold
    • green
  2. what are the blood lipids
    • cholesterol
    • LDL
    • HDL
  3. what are the electrolytes
    • sodium
    • potassium
    • CO2
    • chloride
  4. What are the chemicals used to test for kidney function
    • creatinine
    • BUN
  5. what are the liver function tests
    • alkaline phosphatase
    • AST
    • ALT
    • LDH
    • bilirubin
  6. what are the cardiac enzymes
    • CK
    • troponin
    • LDH
  7. what are the pancreatic enzymes to test for f(x)
    • amylase
    • lipase
  8. what tube is may be used to test for glucose
    gray top tube
  9. what hormones are tested for thyroid disease
    • TSH
    • T3
    • T4
    • PTH
    • insulin
    • testosterone
    • renin
    • prolactin
  10. what is special chemistry
    proten and serum electrophoresis
  11. what priority is intra operative PTH
    STAT, done during surgery
  12. what are the two drug analysis
    • TDM: therapeutic drug monitoring. Ensures pateint is maintaining therapeutic blood levels of drugs such as gentamycin, dilantin, etc
    • DAU: drugs of abuse. testing to detect blood alcohol, barbiturates
  13. what is the difference between serum and plasma and what happens to the blood
    • serum: blood where no anticoagulant has been added. Blood will clot. NO clotting factors
    • plasma: blood where there is anticoagulant. blood will not clot. Has clotting factors
  14. purpose of coagulation tests
    • monitors anticoagulant therapy
    • clotting disorders
    • thrombophilia
    • hemophilia
  15. blue top
    • coagulation tests
    • PT: prothrombin time
    • PTT: partial thromboplastin time
    • fibrinogen
    • FDP: fibrin split proucts/ fibrin degradation products of D-dimers
    • D-dimer
    • special coagulation tests: factor assays
  16. UA microscopy procedure
    • centrifuge
    • decant supernatant
    • make wet mount of left over
  17. what department are pregnancy tests done
  18. for urine cultures (UA C&S) what is the priority
    microbiology (bc sterility)
  19. what is serology
    done to detect the body's response to the presence of bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic, and other detectable antigen-antibody reactions
  20. what tube is for serology
    red stoppered tube
  21. what tubes are drawn for blood bank
    • pink
    • purple
    • red
  22. what departments are under anatomic and surgical pathology
    • cytology
    • histology
    • cytogenetics
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