joy in the midst of mourning

  1. 1. When we hear someone speak of suffering a loss we normally think of death but-
    Death is not the only loss someone may suffer. Page 1
  2. 2. When a serious loss is suffered, such as the death of a loved one, grief and sorrow are two emotions which one will feel true or false
    True. Page 1
  3. 3. Shock in the midst of deep grief is
    Almost a defense mechanism for those who experience the event page 1
  4. 4. Those emotions must have an outlet, and mourning is the expression of the outlet for the emotions true or false. Page 2
  5. 5a . According to some experts, there are : page 3
    Several stages in the grief process
  6. 5 b. There are are many emotions that one may feel during the griefing process these are not necessarily stages, but we shall refer to them as
    Emotional development. Page 3
  7. 6. When you encounter a serious loss, list four out of the seven questions one might ask
    • 1. Will I recover
    • 2. Will I get to the point that I wont hurt so much
    • 3. Will I gain some sense of normalcy
    • 4. Will I ever stop grieving. Page 3
  8. 7. Time is the great stabilizer, and that you will get to the point of reconciliation. There is no set time limit on grief for each person is different . Everyone
    Grives differently , simple because each one looks at the loss from a different perspective page 3
  9. 8. There are adjustments that have to be made ----- and your life has changed
    Therefore normal will not be the same for you. Page 5
  10. 9. Grief is a normal response to a loss, or even a perceived loss true or false
    True page 9
  11. 10. Dont grieve the way others think you should grieve.
    For yourself .. dont allow people to tell you how you should grieve page 9
  12. 11. If you will put yourself under the leadership of the great shepherd, you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he will lead you in the paths of righteousness in those paths that bring comfort and rest to your soul true or false
  13. 12. When you yoke up with Jesus he will lead you : page 10
    • To a restful place that seems to elude those who
    • are Grieving.
  14. C2) 1- when you obey the gospel and are added to the body, your place of residence changes . You are no longer in the kingdom of darkness, but have been translated into: page 15
    • The kingdom of light
    • The kingdom of Jesus
  15. C2- 2 page 15 what are the characters which you are to develope, or add in II per were 1:5-8 (7)
    • Charity
    • Faith
    • Godliness
    • Kindness
    • Patience
    • Temperance
    • Virtue
  16. C2-3-page 17 you, as a Believer, are in a. Of gestation you are :
    You are in the world, but not part of the world
  17. C2-4-page 17 in your development, you soon learn that being a Christian does not mean that you will not suffer loss and pain this is
    • A normal part of life
    • But being in Christ gives you another perspective
  18. C2-5 page 17 you begin to see events from
    God's perspective and not from the worlds perspective
  19. C2- 6 page 18 death is a part of life but when you see death as merely a separation from this life to the next life you are beginning to understand death from God's perspective true or false
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