Social Studies Test 1

  1. Define Social Studies
    The integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence
  2. Name of professional organization for SS teachers
    The National Council for Social Studies (NCSS)
  3. What is Scope?
    the list of topics covered in a program
  4. What is Sequence?
    the order in which topics in a program are covered
  5. Expanding Horizons Curriculum
    • K- Self and Others
    • 1- Families
    • 2- Communities
    • 3- Cities
    • 4- Regions
    • 5- United States and Canada
    • 6- World
  6. Standards movement
    • NCSS published standards in 1994, reaffirming commitment to an integrated approach, drawing it's content from 7 disciplines:
    • 1. history
    • 2. geography
    • 3. political science
    • 4. economics
    • 5. psychology
    • 6. sociology
    • 7. anthropology

    • 3 more broadly based themes were added later
    • 1. Science, technology and society
    • 2. Global connections
    • 3. Civic ideas and practice
  7. Traditional Curriculum Model
    • U.S. History is taught in the first three grade levels. This is because in the early years of our country's history, children attended school for only a few years so they wanted them to know the history of their country. As the grade to when they dropped out extended, so did the curriculum. There were also concerns about patriotism. Hooray for the great heroic country that dealt total genocide on the native Americans. Stole their land, raped their women, killed their children. Corrupted by money like every other twisted government and yet we act like we're in the right and we're always the good guys. Meanwhile, we torture prisoners of war in Iraq. Create as much terror upon the citizens as Saddam did, if not more. Let's not forget the horrors of what goes on in Guantanamo- oh right, how can we forget what we are never told? Media is twisted to narrow the minds of it's citizens into believing whatever is told to them. And we wonder why the rest of the world hates us.
    • So really, who are the real terrorists here?
  8. Advantages of using a SS textbook series
    • 1. Ease in planning
    • 2. Provides common reading material
    • 3. Material has been prepared by experts in the field
  9. Importance of lesson planning
    • -Meet the needs of all students
    • -Alleviate wasted time and management problems
    • -Detailed to organize what is actually happening in the classroom
    • -Helps you remember what is supposed to happen
  10. Curriculum alignment
    • -Both instruction and evaluation should be based on the objectives
    • -Objectives should be written from the standards/frameworks.
  11. Types of units
    • textbook
    • commercial
    • teacher-prepared
    • thematic
  12. What are units?
    A plan that organizes a sequential progression of lessons related to a theme, topic, issue, or problem.
  13. Instructional strategies types
    • 2 main parts:
    • direct teaching- presents info directly through lecturing, questioning, and demonstrating/modeling. ex. lecturing
    • indirect methods- cooperative learning, role playing, simulations
  14. Gardner’s Intelligences
    • Intrapersonal
    • Interpersonal
    • Naturalistic
    • Linguistig
    • Logic-mathematical
    • body-kinesthetic
    • Musical
    • Spatial
  15. Types of assessment
    • formative (informal, during the lesson)
    • summative (after the assessment)
  16. assessment methods
    • portfolios
    • essays
    • tests, quiz
    • questions during the lesson
    • conferences
    • projects
  17. Multicultural education
    • occurs in 2 ways:
    • formal instruction
    • classroom environment in which the content is being taught and learned.
  18. Differences in gender
    In the past, there was concern that girls were not asked difficult questions. But then, boys became disadvantaged in school. Girls tend to cooperate better which is why teachers tend to like them more.
  19. Teaching religion
    • Focus on the teaching ABOUT the religion, not the practices or celebrations of religious holidays.
    • Be academic, not devotional.
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