Superficial Thoracic Wall Muscles

  1. Pectoralis Major PA (Origin)
    Medial 1/2 clavicle along anterior portion, sternum along 1/2 anterior surface, 1- costal cartilage, sternal end of 6th rib & aponeurosis of EAO
  2. Pectoralis major DA (Insertion)
    Lateral lip of bicipital groove
  3. Pectoralis major Innervation
    Medial and lateral pectoral

    • Clavicular fibers (C5,6)
    • Sternal fibers (C6-T1)
  4. Pectoralis major Blood Supply
    Pectoral a (from thorac-acromial trunk)
  5. Pectoralis major Actions
    • OC- Humeral adduction & medial rotation
    • calvicular fibers: flex anextended arm
    • sternal fibers: extend a flexed arm

    CC- Draws trunk upward & forward
  6. Pectoralis minor PA (Origin)
    Ribs 3-5 along upper margins & outer surfaces near costal cartilage, fascia over adjoining external intercostal mm,
  7. Pectoralis minor DA (Origin)
    Coracoid process along medial border & upper surface
  8. Pectoralis minor Innervation
    Medial and lateral pectoral (C5-T1)
  9. Pectoralis minor Blood Supply
    Pectoral a (from thoraco-acromial trunk)
  10. Pectoralis minor Actions
    Scapular depression (downward rotation & inferior slide), assists with protraction (internal rotation of and lateral slide of the scapula)
  11. Subclavis PA (Origin)
    1st rib at junction of rib and its costal cartiage
  12. Subclavius DA (Insertion)
    Groove on middle 1/3 of cavicle's inferior surface
  13. Subclavius Innervation
    nerve to Subclavius (C5,6)
  14. Subclavius Blood Supply
    Clavicular a. (from thoraco-acromial trunk)
  15. Subclavius Actions
    OC- Shnting (approximating) the clavicle towards the manubrium during violent etremity motions (such as throwing or hitting). Also produces clavicular depression & protraction
  16. Serratus anterior PA (Origin)
    Upper 8 ribs along external surfaces & superior borders & to fascia of adjoining intercostal mm.
  17. Serratus anterior DA (Insertion)
    Scapula along medial border of anterior (volar) surface
  18. Serratus anterior Innervation
    Long thoracic (C5,6,7)
  19. Serratus anterior Blood Supply
    Lateral thoracic a.
  20. Serratus anterior Actions
    Scapular upward rotation, lateral slide, prevents scapular winging
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