AWS section 11 Cloudwatch

  1. What is cloudwatch
    • A monitoring services that monitors...
    • -AWS resources
    • - apps you run on aws
  2. What does cloudwatch monitofr by default
    Three physical things is CPU, network and disk.

    It can monitor health of ec2
  3. What can cloudwatch not measure? What do yo need to measure those things?
    • It can't see ram utilisation,
    • It can see the disk as a whole, but it cant see how much storage space is left.

    Anything else you need a custom metric
  4. How long are cloudwatch metrics stored?
    They are stored indefinitely by default
  5. What is the minimum possible granularity for custom metrics
    Its 1 minute
  6. Can you retrieve data from any terminated ec2 or elb instance after termination
  7. Difference between cloudwatch, cloudtrail and config?
    • Cloudwatch monitors performance
    • Cloudtrail monitors API calls in the AWS platform
    • AWS config records the state of AWS environment and notifies you of changes.
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AWS section 11 Cloudwatch