wish glean

  1. wish 1
  2. if i want to be a master, i must master the basics
    i want my ball of white positive energy to be bigger then my ball of black negative energy, then my vibration changes
  3. my white ball of energy attracts things that are good and makes me feel good
    my black ball of energy attracts things that are bad and makes me feel bad
  4. i can be do and have anything and everything in my life
    it all starts with me vibrating at a certain frequency so that i can attract in my life the things that i want
  5. whatever my mind can conceive and bring myself to believe, i will achieve
    my wish is my command, either i command the universe or the universe commands me
  6. i control everything in my life, i have the power to give a command and have anything happen in my life
    the basic training teaches me how to be do or  have anything and everything in my life, how to make my dreams come true, how to manifest my own reality
  7. i listen to someone that has what i want and has been where i'm at, but i actually listen to myself my own feelings
    what is my willingness to learn and willingness to accept change
  8. if i want things in my life to change, i must change things in my life
    the most important thing i need to change is the way i think
  9. my thinking sends out a vibration of who i am, my vibration signal is what i create and attract
    my teach ability index changes from time to time, but i'm aware of it
  10. i must listen instead of waiting for my turn to talk, i have 2 ears and 1 mouth
    if i'm not growing, i'm dying, i'm either growing and moving forward or i'm dying and moving backwards 
  11. how do i know i have a high teach ability index, its by what am i willing to sacrifice and give up, like favorite things
    how much time and money am i willing to put in, what am i willing to sacrifice and give up, whatever it takes 
  12. i must master the step i'm on before i get to the next step
    i only focus on learning my next logical step
  13. success always builds my confidence, when i have a success, the belief in myself goes up, little successes gives me confidence, i write the rules so i succeed
    my confidence creates my activity, physically doing things, knocking on doors making calls, doing some business 
  14. my activity creates my habits, either success or failure habits
    how do i accomplish a great task when i'm overwhelmed, by a bite at a time, or the next step
  15. i go as far and i can see and when i get there i'll see further, whats on my radar and whats not on my radar
  16. wish 2
  17. the training balance scale has 2 sides, the why or attitude and the how or action steps , i focus 90% or more on the why or attitude side
    i spend 90% or more on the why or attitude side, which is thoughts thinking, desires goals dreams, vibration intention, energy, emotions, how i feel, motivation, enthusiasm, chief aim
  18. i spend 10% or less on the how or action steps of the training balance scale which is, actions strategies techniques skills plans
    my thinking my thought my positive vibration my attitude is 90% of my success in anything, i launch my activities from correct mental positions, i think victory instead of defeat 
  19. i focus on my chief aim not on how to achieve it, the how will reveal itself when i reach my goal
    i imagine the end result of reaching my chief aim, and i make positive statements that it has already happened, all my bills are paid, i'm debt free, i'm smiling, i have financial security, embrace the wonderful feeling
  20. if i want to be successful all i have to do is believe in my chief aim and myself
    all i need to know is what i want, not the how
  21. when my attitude is right the facts don't count, because the facts are just someones opinion, or i don't care what anyone says, i achieve my chief aim, i could make it happen that's it period
    the first basic concept of your wish is your command is, who do i listen to, i listen to someone that has what i want and has been where i'm at, but i actually listen to myself my own feelings 
  22. the second basic concept of your wish is your command is the teach ability index, what is my willingness to learn and accept change, its whatever it takes
    the third basic concept of your wish is your command is the training balance scale the why or attitude side and the how or action side
  23. the four steps of learning is, unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, unconscious competence
    i can reprogram my DNA, or frequency
  24. i get to unconscious competence two ways first i do something over and over at the conscious competence level, perfect practice, spaced repetition, second is to observe someone else doing it, so you have a picture in you mind you could mimic, monkey see monkey do
    my success gives me more success, its my momentum cycle, so i make my first success easy and simple, i make the rules, if i talk to one person about melalueca whether they say yes or no i'm a success or my first level of success
  25. i give my self small successes one step at a time that's how i get the ball rolling
    i create neural pathways in my brain or patterns when i reach unconscious competence, i have established neural pathways which are either success habits or failure habits
  26. each day i'm either strengthening neural pathways or weakening neural pathways
    i create my neural pathways by what i do or don't do, everyday
  27. i will succeed if i listen to the right people and have a high teach ability index
    if i say i know something and i'm not doing it or have done it less then a ten thousand times, i don't know it
  28. if i say i know something and i'm doing it hundreds or thousands of time, i know it
    i am what i do or don't do, that's how i think feel act and speak
  29. be is who i am by what i have done in the past, do is my ability based on who i am which is what i've done in the past, which determines what i have
    a punch is not a punch its a punch, i master the basics
  30. i'm not concerned ,with the many things you have dabbled with, but i am concerned with the one thing you have mastered that you have done 10,000 times
    i must learn something by doing it over and over by spaced repetition or perfect practice, and internalized, to change my vibration
  31. when i focus on something, i place my attention on something
    how i learn something is by teaching myself first by learning it, then doing it, internalizing it, then by teaching others
  32. all i need to succeed is to teach myself, if it is to be its up to me
    if i do something over and over again i have a new experience, because i'm a different person, with new realizations, cognition's, understandings, discoveries  
  33. i'm always getting it but i never get it, i'm either growing or i'm dying
    day by day and in every way i'm always getting better and better
  34. i'm excited about what i'm learning and the progress i'm making, and i'm excited about all the things i don't even know yet
    i become what i think about most of the time or what i think about most of the time i become
  35. whatever my mind can conceive and get myself to believe, i will achieve
    the law of attraction is always working for me whether i use it or don't use it
  36. i can be do and have anything and everything i want
    my brain or mind is a transmitter and receiver of frequency vibration and energy
  37. everything in the universe is made up energy vibrating at different frequencies existing in space and time
    if i continue to think like i've always thought, i'll continue to get what i always got
  38. if i sow a thought i'll reap a habit, if i sow a habit of thought i'll reap a charter, if i sow a charter i'll reap a destiny
    only me and my thought and beliefs creates whats in my life, that's either good or bad
  39. my brain puts out frequencies or vibrations that affect physical matter
    my brain wave frequencies travel instantaneously, so when i think a thought it arrives at its destination all at the sometime
  40. i am a powerful being, i have everything i need, i have all the power, all the energy to make what i would like to happen, happen, as long as i believe without doubt
    a thought that i have doesn't have much power, but when i become that thought and transmit it to the universe anything is possible
  41. if i change who i am at the vibration level, i will be able to attract a great amount of money in a short amount of time, that would frighten some people
    when i think a thought it travels in all directions simultaneously with the same intensity 
  42. my brain or mind is the most powerful and fastest transmitter and receiver of frequency,  vibration, and energy in the universe
    i control everything in my life and nothing is in control of me
  43. when i emit a frequency, instantaneously the entire universe works together to mimic that frequency and bring it toward me
    so when i emit a frequency that exact same frequency is drawn to me
  44. me my brain or mind, that i have control of, is the genie that will grant my every wish
    there are senior laws in the universe, the law of saving money to accumulate more, or the law of giving a tenth and receiving 10 times more of what i've given
  45. how about if i give away $20 and see what happen in my life or a tenth of my earnings, nothing escapes God's notice
    if i give away money to help people and God notices it, God is going to give me 10 times of what i give, then i continue to give more and help more people
  46. my thoughts affect physical matter, example of water
    when i transmit frequencies it picked up by other brains that are receivers, and affects physical matter
  47. my brain frequencies travel instantaneously and have the same intensity no matter the distance
    all physical laws are agreements 
  48. the senior law which supersedes every other law is, the law of attraction
    so whatever vibration i put out, the matching vibration will be drawn to me,
  49. if i put out a vibration of feeling good, then circumstances events and situations will be drawn to me to make me feel good
  50. wish 3
  51. the speed in which i will receive what i'm transmitting is determined by the intensity of my transition, how often i'm transmitting it, and if there's any resistance
    the law of attraction works for me whether i'm consciously applying it or not because i'm always vibrating and transmitting frequencies that are attracted to me, or that i get back 
  52. everything i think about, every emotion i feel is a vibration being transmitted by me, so i am the only one that creates my own reality
    what i want, want's me, or whatever i'm vibrating is rushing to me, the universe will give me whatever i want, if i want millions, millions want to come to me, its a magnetic pull
  53. anything i can imagine and desire i can have as long as i believe it without doubt
    when i put out a vibration or frequency the universe moves heaven and earth, and provides people, situations and events to grant my desires
  54. i define my chief aim and i get a burning desire for its achievement, the burning desire comes from always thinking about it, obsession
    my number one goal is to always feel good now, or feel as good as i can right now, or keep feeling a little better
  55. i can define my chief aims 3 ways, that is specific, general, or by a focusing on a feeling
    my thoughts are things
  56. whats on my radar screen is 1% the 99% is off my radar screen, i'll see it when i believe it causes things from the 99% to come on to your radar screen
    when i doubt, don't believe and focus on the lack of it, it keeps me from what i want
  57. my chief aim is in the sweet spot when my goal is big enough to excite me, get me motivated, and small enough that i believe i'll get it, i could do that
    how do i know my chief aim is in the sweet spot, or big enough to excite me and small enough that i believe i'll get it, its when i think about my chief aim i feel good, it makes me smile, or positive expectation
  58. when i write down my goals or chief aim i always use white paper and blue ink
    how i achieve great goals is by starting small to build belief and then make a bigger goal to build belief to a great goal
  59. i look at pictures of what i want and physically touch things i want
    i hang around like minded people
  60. 4 things i need to achieve my goals and dreams i write them out on white paper with blue ink, i have a burning desire and i have a dream book and a dream board
  61. wish 4
  62. when i think about my chief aim and i feel bad, it means i'm thinking about the lack of it and i don't believe i'll get it
    the ideal feeling i have when thinking about my chief aim is, the feeling that i already have it and not caring that i haven't received it yet
  63. my success is a decision away
    my success is a progressive realization of a worthwhile goal, success is the journey, not the destination, setting small goals achieving them, moving forward, process of creating
  64. the universe will always give me circumstances, situations, people and events that match the feeling or emotion i'm vibrating
    what i think about and focus on, the meaning i give things, creates feelings or emotions i'm vibrating
  65. how i think about something creates a feeling or emotion, vibration, the questions i ask myself determine what i focus on, the meaning i give things creates a belief
    the ten second miracle is that i take 100% responsibility of everything in my life, i'm a co creator in events, i'm at cause not effect 
  66. mysticism is that i have not control of what happens in my life, the universe commands me, i'm a effect
    i increase my burning desire by reducing doubt and by increasing belief that i'll get it, the more i feed my mind and think about it
  67. doubt is thinking about the how and only focusing on the radar screen
    my number one goal in all situations is to feel good
  68. there are only 2 basic feelings, that's feeling good and feeling bad on a scale from 1-10
    worrying is negative goal setting, and thinking about what i don't want to happen
  69. when i feel bad, i need to do anything that will make me feel better
    when i envision my chief aim i, see myself in the picture, see it in my own eyes, and i feel the emotions of having it
  70. how do i know when i'm not in the sweet spot when i think of my chief aim, i feel bad
    over time all my negative thinking has created a black ball of negative energy and neural pathways that vibrate negative frequencies
  71. the magic moment of my life will happen when, i take 100% responsibility of everything that happens in my life, and the positive energy ball becomes bigger then the negative energy ball
    my powerful statement is, i'm going to do it that's it period
  72. i go as far as i can see, when i get there i'll see further, or my actions will reveal what to do next
    i do 3 things everyday, listen to audios, read books, focusing and thinking about my chief aim, and what i want, i become what i think about most of the time
  73. every time i think a thought my brain broadcasts a frequency, or vibration
    my thoughts first attracts other like minded thoughts
  74. how i feel emotionally is determined by what kind of thoughts i'm thinking, good thoughts feel good, bad thoughts feel bad
    i have a dream book, dream board, chief aim in the sweet spot and its my obsession 
  75. i write my dreams on white paper with blue ink, it's magical
    i look at pictures all day long of my goals, affirmations on cards, see myself being doing having what i want
  76. my 2 best times to focus on my chief aim is, first thing in the morning and right before i go to bed
    i must believe it before i can see it, or have it
  77. wish 5
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