Excel Formulas

  1. What is Vlookup used for?
    • -when you want to lookup and retrieve data from multiple spreadsheet
    • -for example if i need UPCs in a new product template im working one
  2. Vlookup formula
    =VLOOKUP(lookup value, table array, column index, FALSE)

    • lookup value = what are you looking for? Ex. SKU
    • table array = Where are you looking?
    • Ex. UPC spreadsheet
    • column index = What do you want to return?
    • Ex. "3" for 3rd column that has UPC numbers
    • FALSE=exact match of what i want returned
  3. Formula counts the number of characters in a cell

    Used this for ebay title updated, needed to know the characters to optimize our titles
  4. IF statement formula that says: “IF the salesperson met their quota, say “Met quota”, if not say “Did not meet quota”
    IF(C3>D3, “Met Quota”, “Did Not Meet Quota”)
  5. Formula if you need to combine data into one cell.
    =CONCATENATE(A1," ",B2)
  6. Formula to output the largest numerical value in the rows

    -cross match what a particular SKU sold for a given month
  8. IF Formula
    where i compared our MAP with Wayfair MAP

    -Ex. Match MAP with Wayfair MAP to find if there are any violations
  9. Formula where i compare our inventory export with channel export to see what SKU is missing on the channel

    A:A is the column list you check value in, and B2 is the value you want to find if is in the list.
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