ABF Rating Exam Questions 2019

  1. What JP-5 fueling system is used to receive fuel onboard ship?

    B. The Fill & Transfer System.
  2. Which of the two independent stripping systems in the pump room has its tailpipe extending
    from 3/4 inch off the bottom of its tank?

    C. The Hand-operated Stripping System.
  3. Which JP-5 fueling system is used to deliver clean, clear and bright JP-5 to aircraft on the flight and hangar decks?

    A. The JP-5 Service System.
  4. When, if ever, is the service system’s service pumps used to cross-connect with the transfer system’s transfer pump suction header?

    C. If the service pumps are used for off-loading
  5. Which JP-5 system is use to fuel diesel generators, boilers, small boats and tractors?

    C. The JP-5 Auxiliary System.
  6. What are the two main purposes of the wearing rings of the centrifugal service pump?

    D. (1) Minimizes leakage between the discharge and suction chambers. (2) They also allow for the wear created between the impeller and pump casing.
  7. What is the function of the mechanical seals of a centrifugal service pump?

    A. They guard against leakage from the pump and prevent air from entering the casing around the shaft.
  8. In the JP-5 fuel system, what type of pump is used as transfer pumps, stripping pumps and flight deck defuel pumps?

    A. Blackmer positive displacement rotary vane pumps.
  9. What type of material are the sliding vanes to the rotary vane pump made of?

    A. Palamite.
  10. What component(s) of the rotary vane prevents leakage from occurring between the cylinder heads and cylinder?

    A. The Head O-Rings.
  11. Which type of flexible pump coupling uses a gasket and two seal rings fitted to its covers to prevent grease leakage?

    C. The Falk Type F Steelflex Coupling.
  12. What type of valve should be used when a “throttling effect” is desired?

    D. Globe
  13. The butterfly valve uses what kind of seat that is pressure energized to assure positive shutoff, compensates for pressure and temperature changes, as well as wear?

    A. Single-piece flexible polymeric seat.
  14. The limitorque valve operator uses what component to protect overloading valve parts from torque stress exerted and thrust load applied?

    C. The Torque Limit Switch.
  15. What component of the limitorque valve operator regulates the vertical travel of the valve stem?

    A. The Travel Nuts.
  16. The hand wheel clutch of the limitorque valve operator allows for what operation to the

    C. Manual operation of the valve.
  17. What type of valve uses a disk that is pinned-hinge to the valve body and closes by gravity
    under “no-flow” conditions?

    C. The Swing-Check valve.
  18. What are the two types of packing used for packing gland leakage?

    C. String and Ring type packing materials.
  19. What type of manifold is similar to a double valved manifold; only its nozzle, instead of
    connecting to a transfer main-side valve, it connects each valve on the manifold to each other?

    B. The Single valve manifold.
  20. What component of the Flood & Drain manifold has a long piece of metal containing three keyhole slots that slide to the desired position in order to operate one valve at a time on the manifold?

    D. The Sliding Lock-Bar.
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