PHPR 202

  1. the study of medicine
  2. the branch of medicine concerned with the prevention of disease and the treatment of suffering
  3. the application of drugs for the purpose of disease prevention and the treatment of suffering
  4. a chemical agent capable of producing biologic responses within the body
  5. drug after it has been administered
  6. treatments considered outside the realm of conventional Western medicine
    complimentary and alternative therapies
  7. list of drugs and drug recipes commonly used by pharmacists
  8. a medical reference summarizing standards of drug purity, strength, and directions for synthesis
  9. Us agency responsible for the evaluation and approval of new drugs
    Food and Drug Administration
  10. procedure implemented after a drug has been licensed for public use, designed to provide information on use and on occurrence of side effects
    preclinical investigation
  11. an effort to modernize the sciences to enhance the use of biomanufacturability to improve the "safety, effectiveness, and manufacturability of candidate medical products" (January 2007)
    The FDA's Critical Path Initiative
  12. the second stage of drug testing that involves three clinical phase trials
    clinical investigation
  13. must be submitted before a drug is allowed to proceed to the next stage of the approval process
    new drug application
  14. the third stage of the drug approval process, time when the drug's brand name is finalized
    NDA review
  15. final stage of the drug approval process, begins after clinical trials and the NDA review have been completed
    postmarketing surveillance
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