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    What does #1 indicate?
    Indicates pressure at the crew oxygen cylinder.
  2. What is the normal crew O2 pressure?
    1850 PSI
  3. What is the minimum O2 for dispatch?
    1000 PSI
  4. Where is the crew O2 bottle located?
    Aft end of the E and E compartment
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    What does #2 do?
    NORMAL – (guarded position) passenger masks drop and passenger oxygen system activated automatically if cabin altitude climbs to 14,650 feet

    ON – activates system and drops masks.
  6. At what altitude will the passenger masks drop automatically?
    If cabin altitude climbs to 14,650 feet.
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    What does #3 indicate?
    Illuminated (amber) – passenger oxygen system is operating and masks have dropped.
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    What does #1 do in N and 100%?
    N (normal) – supplies air/oxygen mixture on demand (ratio depends on cabin altitude).

    100% – supplies 100% oxygen on demand.
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    What does #2 do in normal and emergency?
    Normal (non-emergency) position - supplies air/oxygen mixture or 100% oxygen on demand, depending upon the position of the Normal/100% switch.

    Automatically supplies 100% oxygen under positive pressure when cabin altitude is above a preset value.

    EMERGENCY position (rotate in the direction of the arrow) - supplies 100% oxygen under positive pressure at all cabin altitudes (protects against smoke and harmful vapors).

    CAUTION: Use of EMER mode depletes oxygen supply at higher rate than 100% or NORM mode. Use EMER mode only as conditions require.

    Note: Communications in EMER mode may be difficult. Switch to 100% or NORM if conditions allow.
  10. What happens if the O2 bottle overheats?
    Green blowout disc will thermally discharge to allow O2 to escape
  11. When does the passenger O2 generator start to manufacture O2?
    When the first mask is pulled down
  12. How long will O2 flow through passenger masks once activated?
    12 minutes
  13. What is the oxygen test procedure?
    Note the crew oxygen pressure.

    -Oxygen mask – Stowed and doors closed

    -RESET/TEST switch – Push and hold

    -Verify that the yellow cross shows momentarily in the flow indicator.

    -EMERGENCY/Test selector – Push and hold

    -Continue to hold the RESET/TEST switch down and push the EMERGENCY/Test selector for 5 seconds. Verify that the yellow cross shows continuously in the flow indicator.

    -Verify that the crew oxygen pressure does not decrease more than 100 psig.

    -Release the RESET/TEST switch and the EMERGENCY/Test selector. Verify that the yellow cross does not show in the flow indicator.

    -Normal/100% switch – 100%

    -Crew oxygen pressure - Check.

    -Verify that the pressure is sufficient for dispatch.
  14. Where can the flight crew oxygen requirements chart be found?
    Flight Planning and Performance Manual (FPPM)
  15. What is the minimum oxygen requirement for a 3 person crew?
    At 50C/122F it is 735 PSI (remember 737) (FPPM)
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