Sur 116 week 4-more suffixes

  1. -centesis
    puncture to withdraw fluid

    ex. gastrocentesis (puncture to withdraw fluid from the stomach)
  2. -ectomy
    surgical removal

    ex gastrectomy (surgicl removal of the stomach)
  3. -ostomy
    surgically creating an opening

    ex. gastrostomy (surgically creating an opening into the stomach)
  4. -otomy
    cutting into

    ex. thoracotomy (cutting into the chest)
  5. -pexy
    surgical fixation

    ex. nephropexy (surgical fixation of a kidney)
  6. -plasty
    surgical repair

    ex. dermatoplasty (surgical repair of the skin)
  7. -rrhaphy

    ex. myorrhapy (suture together muscle)
  8. -gram
    record or picture

    ex. electrocardiogram (record of heart's electricity)
  9. -graph
    instrument for recording

    ex. electrogcariograph (process of recording the heart's electrical activity)
  10. -graphy
    process of recording

    ex. electrogardiography (process of recording the heart's electrical activity)
  11. -meter
    instrument for measuring

    ex. audiometer (instrument to measure hearing)
  12. -metry
    process of measuring

    ex. audiometry (process of measuring hearing)
  13. -scope
    instrument for viewing

    ex. gastroscope (instrument to view stomach)
  14. -scopy
    process of visually examining

    ex. gastroscopy (process of visually examining the stomach)
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