Body Worn Camera

  1. Who are required to use BWCs while engaged in field activities
    Sworn staff members below the rank of Lieutenant
    ALL sworn officers regardless of rank shall utilize BWCs while working off-duty details.
  3. Which sworn employees are exempt from utilizing BWC
    Special Investigations Division (SID) or Task Force assignments with agencies prohibiting the use of BWC systems
  4. Which detectives shall have the BWC immediately accessible for use at all times and shall be utilized in circumstances of actual or potential enforcement action as a situation dictates.
    Criminal Investigations Division (CID) and Street Crimes Division (SCD)
  5. Department member with full administrator rights who assigns and tracks BWC equipment, controls passwords, acts as a liaison with equipment vendor representatives, manages the department’s BWC devices, and is responsible for overseeing the retention and dissemination of body worn camera media.
    Digital Evidence System Administrator (DESA
  6. At the beginning of each shift the assigned department member shall
    perform an inspection to ensure that the BWC is functional and fully charged
  7. Malfunctions, damage, loss, or theft of the BWC must be immediately reported?
    the BWC user’s supervisor
  8. Replacement BWC equipment will be obtained from who?
    The DESA during normal business hours During non-business hours a supervisor shall contact the DESA
    In incidents involving death and/or serious bodily injury of an officer, the BWC must remain in the same position it was worn throughout the event
    TRUE, unless medically necessary
  10. When can BWC recordings be posted on any social media site
    without prior approval from the Chief of Police or designee AND the City Manager or designee
  11. When can members of the public to review the recordings
    supervisory approval is obtained from a lieutenant or higher.
  12. What are the BWC exceptions requiring immediate uploading while working details
    • 1. Capture an arrest
    • 2. Response to resistance
    • 3. Incidents involving injury or death
    • 4. Absence longer than the BWC users regular days off
  13. When BWC users are interacting with victims, witnesses and others from the community who request NOT to be recorded, department members shall
    • Use discretion in balancing the value of obtaining a recording
    • If the suspect of a crime is present, the BWC user shall not turn off the BWC.
    • the reason for the deactivation shall be verbally recorded prior to the deactivation
  14. BWC users providing assistance to, or receiving assistance from, an outside agency shall
    without compromising the safety of the user or others, notify such officer(s) that the incident is being recorded via a BWC
  15. When shall BWC camera been powered off?
    when the user enters a restroom, locker room and medical facilities for personal reasons
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