English Test

  1. What is a sentence?
    a sentence is a organization of items in the world.

    A sentence is a structure of logical relationships
  2. What is a noun?
    A person, place or thing
  3. What is a verb?
    and action word
  4. what is a pronoun
    • word which substitutes a noun
    • Sh*e saw h*im
  5. Article
    • a kind of adjective used so often as to be given a special name
    • The* students were instructed to sit at a* table
  6. Preposition
    • structure word that governs a noun or pronoun, connecting it with another word or substantive
    • They ran to* the house from* the car
  7. Conjunction
    a joining word
  8. Interjection
    • an expression or feeling
    • O, WOW *
  9. expletive
    word with no grammatical correlation
  10. Adverb
    • describes a verb
    • slowly, the very big load began to move
  11. Adjective
    describes a noun
  12. What are the six elements of a short story
    • 1. Intro
    • 2. Rising action
    • 3. Climax
    • 4. Falling action
    • 5. Resolution
    • 6. Conclusion
  13. What is setting?
    The time and place of a literal work
  14. What might the setting include?
    the climate, the social phychochological aof spiritual state of chareacters
  15. What is point of view?
    The perspective in which the story is told.
  16. What are the two main kinds of point of view?
    First person and third person
  17. What is first person
    • Narrator as major character
    • Narrator as minor charactor
    • ex. I watched it happen
  18. What is third person?
    • All knowing (seeing into all characters)
    • seeing into one major character
    • seeing into one minor character
    • objective (not seeing into any character)
    • ex. Jimmy thinks he is cool
  19. What is a symbol
    person, place or thing in a narrative that suggests meaning beyond its literal sense. A symbol can have many meanings and associations
  20. Theme
    An argument that is being made about a subject matter
  21. Independent Clause
    • Big sibling
    • Can stans alone as a sentence
    • Makes sense by itself
    • Contains a noun and adverb
    • ex. Jack paid his bills.
  22. Dependent Clause
    • Little sibling
    • Does not express a complete thought
    • must be attached to a independent to complete meaning
    • ex. Although i walked to school
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