1. What is white guilt?
    Individual or collective guilt felt by white people for harm to racial or ethnic groups from racist treatment.

    It is often felt by liberals

    The belief that being white itself is a transgression and that atonement is required.
  2. Who created the term what guilt?
    Unclear. But Judith Katz author and anti-racism trainer writes about it in 1978 in her book White Awareness.
  3. What are some examples of white guilt?
    Seeking forgiveness and acceptance from minorities.

    Social policies

    Voting for Black politicians (like Obama)

    Business Dealings



    Over-identification with marginalized groups per Krissah Thompson of the Washington Post of Rachel Doziel


    Interracial dating and relationships.

    Trans-racial adoptions.
  4. What's so bad about white guilt?
    It can be self-indulgent

    It can place burdens on POCs.

    It can traumatize POCs.

    It can placate

    It can seek innocence (George Will said this)

    It can come up short with progress by feeling self-congratulatory

    It disempowers

    It leads to shame.

    It seeks to resolve itself

    It can shut down conversations as people feel guilty.

    It can lead to withdrawal from cross race interactions.

    It can lead to tokenism
  5. Is there an up side to white guilt/positives?
    White guilt can be seen as compassion and empathy

    White guilt is an example of awareness.

    White guilt is Black power as whites lose moral authority according to ( Shelby Steele conservative writer)
  6. How does white guilt relate to reconciliation?
  7. Is white guilt better than apathy?
    To some extent.

    But it can cause more burdens and come up short and lead to tokenism.

    According to the anatomy of white guilt paper there is a healthy and unhealthy aspect of white guilt.

    It is a normal and necessary human emotion that can be healthy.
  8. What's the difference between white guilt and awareness or conviction?
  9. Is white guilt a counterpart to Black rage and a necessary step?
  10. Where does white guilt fall on the white identity spectrum?
  11. What creates and influences white guilt?
  12. Sources

    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=white guilt


    The anatomy of white guilt


    Uncommon Bounds: a part of the process
  13. Is it an aspect of self-hate or internalized oppression?
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