Altitude Limitations

  1. What is the maximum operating altitude?
    25,000 feet
  2. The service ceiling at maximum climb power is ...
    24,380 feet :

    • both engines operating at Maximum Climb Power,
    • Weight 12,500 pounds,
    • atmospheric conditions ISA +15°C
  3. What is service ceiling?
    The maximum density altitude at which the aircraft can maintain a climb rate of 100 feet per minute with both engines operating at maximum continuous power
  4. The absolute ceiling is ...
    at maximum thrust, the altitude where the maximum sustained (with no decreasing airspeed) rate of climb is zero
  5. What is the single engine service ceiling for twin otter?
    11,600 feet (ISA, 12,500 lbs, Maximum Continuous Power)
  6. The absolute ceiling for twin otter operating with one engine is ...
    14,600 feet (ISA, 12,500 lbs, Maximum Continuous Power)
  7. At maximum continuous power, what are the service and absolute ceiling for twin otter?
    Service Ceiling (100 FPM rate of climb) : 26,700 feet

    Absolute Ceiling (0 FPM rate of climb) : 27,900 feet
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