French Verb Conjugations x 150

  1. obtenir
    to obtain/get
  2. battre
    to beat/hit
  3. mettre
    to put on/place
  4. parler
    to talk
  5. commencer
    to begin/start
  6. devoir
    to be obliged to/ duty
  7. j' obtiens
    I obtain
  8. tu obtiens
    you (sing.) obtain
  9. il/elle obtient
    he/she obtains
  10. nous obtenons
    we obtain
  11. vous obtenez
    you (pl./form.) obtain
  12. ils/elles obtiennent
    they obtain
  13. je bats
    I am hitting
  14. tu bats
    you (sing.) are hitting
  15. il/elle bat
    he/she is hitting
  16. nous battons
    we are hitting
  17. vous battez
    you (pl./form.) are hitting
  18. ils/elles battent
    they are hitting
  19. je mets
    I am putting (on)
  20. tu mets
    you (sing.) are putting (on)
  21. il/elle met
    he/she is putting (on)
  22. nous mettons
    we are putting (on)
  23. vous mettez
    you (pl./form.) are putting (on)
  24. ils/elles mettent
    they are putting (on)
  25. je parle
    I am talking
  26. tu parles
    you (sing.) are talking
  27. il/elle parle
    he/she is talking
  28. nous parlons
    we are talking
  29. vous parlez
    you (pl./form.) are talking
  30. ils/elles parlent
    they are talking
  31. je commence
    I am starting
  32. tu commences
    you (sing.) are starting
  33. il/elle commence
    he/she is starting
  34. nous commençons
    we are starting
  35. vous commencez
    you (pl./form.) are starting
  36. ils/elles commencent
    they are starting
  37. je dois
    I must
  38. tu dois
    you (sing.) must
  39. il/elle doit
    he/she must
  40. nous devons
    we must
  41. vous devez
    you (pl./form.) must
  42. ils/elles doivent
    they must
  43. j' ai obtenu
    I obtained
  44. tu as obtenu
    you (sing.) obtained
  45. il/elle a obtenu
    he/she obtained
  46. nous avons obtenu
    we obtained
  47. vous avez obtenu
    you (pl./form.) obtained
  48. ils/elles ont obtenu
    they obtained
  49. j' ai battu
    I hit (p.c.)
  50. tu as battu
    you (sing.) hit
  51. il/elle a battu
    he/she hit
  52. nous avons battu
    we hit (pc)
  53. vous avez battu
    you (pl.) hit (p.c.)
  54. ils/elles ont battu
    they hit (p.c.)
  55. j' ai mis
    I put (on)/placed
  56. tu as mis
    you (sing.) put (on)/placed
  57. il/elle a mis
    he/she put (on)/placed
  58. nous avons mis
    we put (on)/placed
  59. vous avez mis
    you (pl./form.) put (on)/placed
  60. ils/elles ont mis
    they put (on)/placed
  61. j' ai parlé
    I talked
  62. tu as parlé
    you (sing.) talked
  63. il/elle a parlé
    he/she talked
  64. nous avons parlé
    we talked
  65. vous avez parlé
    you (pl./form.) talked
  66. ils/elles ont parlé
    they talked
  67. j' ai commencé
    I started
  68. tu as commencé
    you (sing.) started
  69. il/elle a commencé
    he/she started
  70. nous avons commencé
    we started
  71. vous avez commencé
    you (pl./form.) started
  72. ils/elles ont commence
    they started
  73. j' ai dû
    I had to
  74. tu as dû
    you (sing.) had to
  75. il/elle a dû
    he/she had to
  76. nous avons dû
    we had to
  77. vous avez dû
    you (pl./form.) had to
  78. ils/elles ont dû
    they had to
  79. j' obtiendrai
    I will obtain
  80. tu obtiendras
    you (sing.) will obtain
  81. il/elle obtiendra
    he/she will obtain
  82. nous obtiendrons
    we will obtain
  83. vous obtiendrez
    you (pl./form.) will obtain
  84. ils/elles obtiendront
    they will obtain
  85. je battrai
    I will hit
  86. tu battras
    you (sing.) will hit
  87. il/elle battra
    he/she will hit
  88. nous battrons
    we will hit
  89. vous battrez
    you (pl./form.) will hit
  90. ils/elles battront
    they will hit
  91. je mettrai
    I will put (on)/place
  92. tu mettras
    you (sing.) will put (on)/place
  93. il/elle mettra
    he/she will put (on)/place
  94. nous mettrons
    we will put (on)/place
  95. vous mettrez
    you (pl./form.) will put (on)/place
  96. ils/elles mettront
    they will put (on)/place
  97. je parlerai
    I will talk
  98. tu parleras
    you (sing.) will talk
  99. il/elle parlera
    he/she will talk
  100. nous parlerons
    we will talk
  101. vous parlerez
    you (pl./form.) will talk
  102. ils/elles parleront
    they will talk
  103. je commencerai
    I will start
  104. tu commenceras
    you (sing.) will start
  105. il/elle commencera
    he/she will start
  106. nous commencerons
    we will start
  107. vous commencerez
    you (pl./form.) will start
  108. ils/elles commenceront
    they will start
  109. je devrai
    I will have to
  110. tu devras
    you (sing.) will have to
  111. il/elle devra
    he/she will have to
  112. nous devrons
    we will have to
  113. vous devrez
    you (pl./form.) will have to
  114. ils/elles devront
    they will have to
  115. j' obtenais
    I obtained (imparfait)
  116. tu obtenais
    you (sing.) obtained (imparfait)
  117. il/elle obtenait
    he/she was obtaining (imparfait)
  118. nous obtenions
    we obtained (imparfait)
  119. vous obteniez
    you (pl./form.) were obtaining (imparfait)
  120. ils/elles obtenaient
    they obtained (imparfait)
  121. je battais
    I was hitting (imparfait)
  122. tu battais
    you (sing.) hit (imparfait)
  123. il/elle battait
    he/she hit (imparfait)
  124. nous battions
    we were hitting (imparfait)
  125. vous battiez
    you (pl.) were hitting
  126. ils/elles battaient
    they hit (imparfait)
  127. je mettais qqch
    I was putting on, placing sth
  128. tu mettais
    you (sing.) put (on)/placed (imparfait)
  129. il/elle mettait
    he/she put (on)/placed (imparfait)
  130. nous mettions
    we were putting on / placing (imparfait)
  131. vous mettiez
    you (pl./form.) put (on)/placed (imparfait)
  132. ils/elles mettaient
    they put (on)/placed (imparfait)
  133. je parlais
    I talked (imparfait)
  134. tu parlais
    you (sing.) talked (imparfait)
  135. il/elle parlait
    he/she talked (imparfait)
  136. nous parlions
    we were talking (imparfait)
  137. vous parliez
    you (pl./form.) talked (imparfait)
  138. ils/elles parlaient
    they were talking
  139. je commençais
    I started (imparfait)
  140. tu commençais
    you (sing.) started (imparfait)
  141. il/elle commençait
    he/she was starting (imparfait)
  142. nous commencions
    we started (imparfait)
  143. vous commenciez
    you (pl./form.) were starting (imparfait)
  144. ils/elles commençaient
    they started (imparfait)
  145. je devais
    I had to (imparfait)
  146. tu devais
    you (sing.) had to (imparfait)
  147. il/elle devait
    he/she had to (imparfait)
  148. nous devions
    we had to (imparfait)
  149. vous deviez
    you (pl./form.) had to (imparfait)
  150. ils/elles devaient
    they had to (imparfait)
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French Verb Conjugations x 150
French Verb Conjugations x 150