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  1. fugacious
    passing away quickly; fleeting; short lived
  2. fulminate
    to express violent disapproval; to protest vehemently
  3. fulsome
    excessive and insincere, used to define flattery or praise
  4. furtive
    hidden due to guilt or the belief that being seen or known would cause trouble
  5. gainsay
    to deny, contradict, or state something is false
  6. gamut
    the whole or complete range of something
  7. germane
    relevant to the topic at hand; pertinent to what is being discussed
  8. gesticulate
    to use gestures while speaking, especially for emphasis
  9. glacial
    extremely cold, either in demeanor, manner, or temperature
  10. glib
    natural to the point of being off-handed; without much depth, shallow
  11. glutton
    a person who eats an enormous amount; or a person who can withstand or even longs for a large amount of something
  12. gossamer
    something light, flimsy, and delicate, often referring to very delicate material
  13. gourmand
    a person who loves good food
  14. grandiloquence
    a pompous and pretentious way of speaking; a manner of talking that suggests the speaker is trying too hard to impress
  15. gratuitous
    unnecessary and uncalled for; unwanted; extra or unneeded
  16. grievous
    devastating; causing severe pain, either emotional or physical
  17. halcyon
    idyllic; peaceful and calm; often used when describing a particular time from the past
  18. hamper
    to hinder or prevent free movement; to hold back, literally or figuratively
  19. harangue
    a long, critical speech or lecture
  20. hardy
    capable of living in just about any condition
  21. haughtiness
    arrogance; superiority; condescending pride
  22. headlong
    rashly and without much thought; or headfirst
  23. hedonist
    a person who believes only in the pursuit of pleasure
  24. hegemony
    leadership or dominance, usually in regards to government or the relationship between nations
  25. heinous
    particularly vicious or offensive on a societal level, not just a personal one
  26. hirsute
    hairy, covered in hair
  27. hoodwink
    to trick or deceive; to fool; to put one over on
  28. idiosyncrasy
    a characteristic specific to a certain person; a quirk
  29. ignoble
    common, ordinary, or plain; not overly honorable or impressive
  30. illusory
    not real; based on an illusion or wish; based in fantasy rather than fact
  31. imbroglio
    a complicated, entangled, confusing, and often embarrassing situation
  32. imbue
    influence deeply, pervade; inspired by; often used with "with" or "by"
  33. immaculate
    perfectly clean, spotless; free from stain or marking
  34. imminent
    about to happen; immediate; due to occur at any moment
  35. immutable
    to weaken or diminish; to make less effective
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