American History

  1. Who served as Secretary of the Treasury while Washington was in office?
    Alexander Hamiton
  2. what are the first ten amendments to the constitution are known as?
    Bill of Rights
  3. Before serving in Washington's Cabinet, which of the following men served as Ambassador to France?
    Thomas Jefferson
  4. How many years is a Presidential term?
    4 years
  5. _________ was a major issue after the American Revolution and it placed a burden on the new nation.
  6. those who supported a Constitution were known as what? Answer
  7. who was first to serve as President of the United States? Answer
    george washington
  8. _________ was the opposition to the Virginia Plan. These two plans were put together during the Great Compromise to create a House and a Senate.
    New Jersey Plan
  9. The _________ was created in response to trying to decide if slaves should be considered when determining population rates.
    three- fifths compromise
  10. _________ served as Secretary of State while Washington was in office
    thomas jefferson
  11. The __________ was issued in 1795 after the United States defeated Native Americans in the Battle of Fallen Timbers.
    Treaty of Greenville
  12. Which of the following is a piece of legislation that was issued to keep a balance in the number of slave states that were admitted to the Union?
    the Missouri Compromise
  13. On November 7, 1811, which of the following was an attack launched by Tenskwatawa against William Henry Harrison?
    Battle of Tippecanoe
  14. Who wrote the "Star Spangled Banner"?
    Francis Scott Key
  15. _________ was considered a factor in the War of 1812.Answer
  16. Many tribal leaders greatly opposed
  17. assimilation.
  18. In 1808, he established Prophetstown.Answer
  19. Which of the following was a political issue that surfaced shortly after the war?Answer
  20. The __________ officially recognized the ending of the War of 1812.Answer
    Treaty of Ghent
  21. In an attempt to assist with financial issues after the war, CongressAnswer
    created the Second Bank of the United States.
  22. ________ led an expedition that explored the newly purchased Louisiana territory.Answer
    Meriwether Lewis
  23. What legislation argued the point that the states had the right to judge whether federal laws agreed with the Constitution? Answer
    Alien and Sedition Acts
  24. Who stressed the concept of a stronger local government as opposed to a bigger federal government?
    Thomas Jefferson
  25. ________ served first as Secretary of State, then he was appointed as Supreme Court Justice. Answer
    John Marshall
  26. Who avoided war through economic embargoes? Answer:
    Thomas Jefferson
  27. During his election, _________ did not receive enough votes from the Electoral College. Answer
    Thomas Jefferson
  28. Which of the following allowed settlers to purchase land on credit in the western region of the United States? Answer
    Land Act of 1800
  29. As President, he attempted to avoid war with France by sending representatives to Paris. Answer
    John Adams
  30. The _________ added to the size of the United States, but it also added debt
    Louisiana Purchase
  31. In 1803, who was sent to Paris to buy New Orleans?:
    Robert Livingston
  32. __________ was a graduate from Yale University and worked diligently in educational reform.
    Noah Webster
  33. Which country is credited with the origins of the Industrial Revolution
    Great Britain
  34. Who utilized the concept of a steam engine in the textile industry to power a ship?Answer
  35. Robert Fulton
  36. __________ stressed self-reliance, frugality, and industry.Answer
    Republican Virtues
  37. What led to an increase in communication?Answer
    post office
  38. Which of the following was run by waterpower and was highly utilized in the south?
    cotton gin
  39. _______ were primarily constructed for profit.
  40. Who defied British authorities while emigrating from Great Britain to the United States?Answer
    Samuel Slater
  41. Which of the following was a significant factor in the rise of slavery within the United States?Answer
    cotton gin
  42. Many settlers viewed which of the following groups as competition?Answer
    African Americans
  43. To give up a territory or relinquish power of a country is toAnswer
  44. In 1827, they declared themselves an independent nation.Answer
  45. The __________ established guidelines for states to be admitted to the Union.Answer
    Northwest Ordinance of 1787
  46. What were issues initially faced by the pioneers settling the frontier?Answer
    stark conditions
  47. Who was the war hero that essentially conquered Florida?Answer
    Andrew Jackson
  48. The __________ tried to resolve issues related to the Native Americans and southern boundaries of the United States.Answer
    Pinckney Treaty
  49. What led to the acquisition of Florida for the United States?Answer
    Adams-Onis Treaty
  50. Who played a significant role in the construction of the Wilderness Road?Answer
    Daniel Boone
  51. Who was President during the acquisition of Florida?Answer
  52. James Monroe
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