Gods/Goddesses Powers

  1. Poseidon
    God of sea/storms/earthquakes and horses
  2. Harpies
    stole things
  3. Phoenix
    immortality, rebirth
  4. Medusa
    turns people into stone
  5. Gorgons
    turn people into stone
  6. Hades
    God of the Underworld
  7. Scylla
    Sea monster
  8. Apollo
    God of prophecy, music, song, and sun
  9. Athena
    Goddess of war and wisdom
  10. Minotaur
    no power. Guard things
  11. Griffin
    Protector from evil, guards treasure
  12. Sirens
    sing and play music
  13. Furies
    Goddesses of vengence
  14. Zues
    God of sky and weather and law and order
  15. Hercules
    • God of strength and labors
    • 12 labors
  16. Hephaestes
    God of fire and blacksmiths
  17. Aphrodite
    Goddess of love, beauty and fertility
  18. Cerberus
    Guards the gate to the underworld.
  19. Hera
    Goddess of women and marriage
  20. Hermes
    Messenger god.
  21. Cronus
    God of age and time
  22. Ares
    God of war
  23. Prometheus
    God of forethought
  24. Pegasus
  25. Atlas
    Holds the heavens on his shoulders
  26. Artemis
    Goddess of wilderness, hunting and fertility
  27. Moirae
    Goddesses of fates
  28. Eros
    God of love
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Gods/Goddesses Powers
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