Lab Test 1

  1. Starch is a complex _____________.
  2. Which potatoe had the most bubbles?and why?
    Raw because the enzymes in the potatoe become inactive afer being exposed to high temperatures.
  3. PH indicator paper changes colors in the presence of _____________________.
    bases and acids
  4. _______________biological catalyst that increases breakdown.
  5. What color does starch change to when exposed to starch indicator?
  6. What ppurpose does starch hold in the human body?
    provide energy to cells
  7. What body fluids habor infection?
    ALL body fluids habor infection
  8. Duty of E. Coli in the human body?
    Aid in digestion
  9. E. Coli is found where in the human body?
    Large intenstin
  10. What kind of Macromolecule are enzymes?
  11. What does E. coli 0157 produce?
    a potent toxin that can cause bloody diarrhea and severe infections
  12. What are the three different types of fingerprints?
    Loops, Arches, Whirls
  13. What is SARS?
    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
  14. What is the difference between plastic fingerprinting and dna fingerprinting?
    Plastic fingerprints are the imprint of the ridges of your finger on a surface that can be removed. DNA fingerprint is when a suspect leaves some kind of body fluid or strand of DNA at the scene of an event.
  15. How does knowing the amount of startch help you?
    Lets you know how much energy you are talking in so you know how much energy is being stored in lipids. "Knowing the starch content of foods can help in determining caloric intake and other nutritional factors in maintaining a healthy diet. "
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