Criminal Inv basic perspective 13th

  1. Anthropometry
    An early system of human identification based on eleven measurements of the human body
  2. Blood-feuds or vendettas
    An ongoing situation where the family of the offender retaliates against the victim for the unjust punishment of a crime
  3. Bobbies
    The nickname of the London police which is used in reference to the founder, Sir Robert Peel.
  4. Civil Service System
    A fair and open system of testing new hires and those seeking promotion to ensure that only the best candidates are selected for government positions.
  5. Constable
    Supervised night watchmen and brought arrested offenders before a magistrate.
  6. Criminalistics
    Individualization of physical evidence in a crime lab; also referred to as forensic science.
  7. Exchange principle
    An early French researcher, Edmond Locard believed that when a criminal come in contact with another object or person, a cross-transfer of evidence may occur. primarily of hairs and fivers.
  8. Forensics
    The use of science to answer legal questions.
  9. Hue-and-cry
    The call for assistance from citizens to aid the night watchmen or police
  10. Patronage
    A corrupt system of hiring only friends or supporters for government jobs.
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Criminal Inv basic perspective 13th
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