Phrasal Verbs Be

  1. be about to:
    example: They said they were about to study a skeleton
    on the point of
  2. Be after
    example: what are you after?
    I am after a good job
    try to find, want
  3. Be behind
    example: The student's behind with his work.
    late, delayed (with)
  4. Be down for
    example: I'm down for a place at medical school
    entered for
  5. Be down on
    example: I'm down on him, he has such silly ideas
  6. be off
    example: Im off today; it's getting late. Be off!
    Leave, go away
  7. Be off
    example: Ugh! This meat's off.
    go bad
  8. Be off
    example: The nurse is off at six o'clock
    off duty, free
  9. Be off
    example: The doctor's meeting is off until tomorrow.
  10. be on to
    example: the student was on to a good thing
    when he got a research grant.
    find, discover
  11. be out for
    example: that pretty nurse is out for a good time
    looking for
  12. be out of
    example: the consultant is out of
    the country at the moment
    away from
  13. Be out of
    example: He couldnt finish the experiment as he was out
    of nitric acid
    have no more left
  14. Be over
    example: The worst of the exams are over now,
    so we can relax
  15. Be up
    example: Is john up yet?
    out of bed
  16. be up
    example: What's up?
  17. Be up
    example: hand your exam papers in now, -time is up
  18. Be up against
    example: I'm up against a difficult problem
    confronted by
  19. be up and about
    example: Mrs. Brown is up and about
    again after her operation
  20. be up to
    example: what are you up to?
  21. be up to
    example: are you up to the long trip
    after your illness?
    fit for
  22. Be up to
    example: It 's up to you to decide
    as it's your life
    someone's responsibility
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