1. the default subnet mask for class b network is
  2. internet key exchange (IKE) is responsible for which two functions
    negotiation algorithms to use, exchanging key information
  3. to which IP configuration does the CIDR notation refer
  4. what type of DNS record maps host names to addresses
    host (A) DNS record
  5. a service that resolves NetBIOS names to IP addresses is
    windows internet name service (WINS)
  6. which of the following uses a tunneling protocol
  7. which technology can you use to extend an internal network across shared or public networks
  8. computer that has an IP address of can not access the network:: what service should you confirm is available
  9. which two are published IEEE 802.11 wireless transmission standards
    802.11g 802.11n
  10. which DNS record type specifies the host that is the authority for a given domain
  11. a cable that meets the 1000BaseT standard has a maximum lenght of
  12. which setting is used to determine the Domain Name System (DNS) setting on a client computer
  13. a private network that allows members of an organization to exchange data is an
  14. teredo tunneling is a protocol that
    allows IPV6 connectivity through IPV4 devices
  15. one reason to replace an unmanaged switch with a managed switch is to
    support multiple VLANS
  16. which of the following is a public IP address
  17. which of these represent the internet protocol version 6 (IPV6) loopback address
  18. which wireless authentication method provides the highest level of security
    WI-FI protected access (WPA)
  19. the topology of a local area network (LAN) is defined by the
    physical and logical characteristics
  20. one purpose of a perimeter network is to
    make resources available to the internet
  21. all session data is __________ while using telnet
    not encrypted
  22. which of these addresses is a multicast address
  23. which command is used to verify that a server is connected to the network
  24. the ping tool is used to
    self-test a hosts own network interface: determine whether a host is reachable
  25. in which physical network topology is each computer connected to a central point
  26. which of the following services masks internal IP addresses from outside the network
  27. you need to divide a network into three subnets- which devices should you use
  28. in addition to switching multilayer switches also
    provide layer 3 routing functions
  29. which technology provides the highest bit rate
  30. IPV4 multicast addresses range from to
  31. a university has a network links between carious locations. where would a T3 connection be appropriate
    server to network in the main campus server room
  32. the query protocol used to locate resources on a network is
    lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP)
  33. the service that resolves fully qualified domain names (FQDN) to IP addresses is
    Domain Name Service (DNS)
  34. the type of connector used on a 100BaseT ethernet cable is
  35. a characteristic of the mesh topology is that it
    uses redundant paths
  36. which type of network covers the broadest area
  37. the default port used for SMTP is
  38. which of these factors has the biggest impact on data transmission speed in a wireless network
    the transmission standard of the equipment used
  39. the host name of the fully qualified domain name  (FQDN) mail.exchange .corp.nwtraders.com is
  40. the command line tool used to list a hosts active incoming connections is
  41. one reason to incorporate VLANs in a network is to
    reduce the number of nodes in a broadcast domain
  42. VPNs are implemented to provide
    a secure connection through public networks
  43. security is a concern on wireless networks due to
    the radio broadcast access method
  44. in which OSI layer does routing occure
  45. IPsec can be used to secure network communications between two machines: IPsec can be used to secure network communication between two networks
    YES to both statements
  46. connecting to a private network address from a public network requires
    network address translation (NAT)
  47. to protect a network when it is connected to the internet, you should use a
  48. which of the following determines the media access method that is used in a network
    topology and protocols
  49. 802.11a
    • frequency range:5.1-5.8 Ghz
    • data rate:54mbps
  50. 802.11b
    • frequency range:2.4-2.485 Ghz
    • data rate: 11mbps
  51. 802.11g
    • frequency range:2.4-2.485 Ghz
    • data rate: 54 mbps
  52. 802.11n
    • frequency range: 2.4-2.485 Ghz
    • data rate: 65-600 mbps
  53. in local area network (LAN) topologies the primary media access methods are
    contention, token passing
  54. what happens when an 802.11b node starts broadcasting within the range of an 802.11g access point
    a connection will be established
  55. at what layer in the OSI model are hardware addresses referenced
    data link
  56. a routers static route is set byt the
    network administrator
  57. what type of record does DNS use to find a mail service
    mail exchange (MX) DNS record
  58. which protocol can be used to encrypt packets on the internet
  59. which subnet mask is valid
  60. a network that separates an organizations private network from a public network is a
  61. a node within a local area network (LAN) must have a network interface device and a
    host address
  62. what is the default subnet mask for a class c internet network
  63. what is the minimum cabling requirement for a 100BaseTX network
    Category 5 UTP cable
  64. what should you do if you can not connect to the network today but you could yesterday
    verify that the DHCP service is available
  65. if an 802.11g internet connection has connectivity problems what may be the cause
    Electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  66. how many bits are there in an internet protocol version 6 (IPV6) address
  67. Tracert is used to
    report the route taken by packets across an IP network
  68. which two of the following are connectivity options for wide area networks (WANS)
    dial up: leased line
  69. OSI model by layer
    • Layer 1- physical 
    • Layer 2- data link 
    • Layer 3- network
    • Layer 4- transport 
    • Layer 5- sessions 
    • Layer 6- Presentation 
    • Layer 7- Application
  70. you pink a server with FQDN and get no response: then pink with the IP address and receive a response- why
    the DNS is not responding
  71. which of these is an application layer protocol
  72. the top level domain of www.adventureworks.com is
  73. in a physical star topology the central device is referred to as a
  74. when a clients DHCP issued address expires the client will
    attempt to obtain a new address by broadcasting
  75. which type of port is used to support VLAN traffic between two switches
    trunk port
  76. which of the following represents a media access control (MAC) address
  77. which protocol is a transport layer protocol
  78. which of the following are features of DHCP
    address reservation: IP address exclusion
  79. two companies want to share data by using the internet- which type of network provides the solution
  80. the ipconfig command will
    display a clients address
  81. a media access control (MAC) address identifies a
    network interface card (NIC)
  82. if a router is installed so that it separates a DHCP server from its clients the clients will
    be unable to obtain their leases from the server
  83. if a router cannot determine the next hop for a packet, the router will
    forward the packet to the default route
  84. the process of replicating a zone file to multiple DNS servers is called
    zone transfer
  85. what are these four IEEE standards 802.11a,b,g,n
  86. the maximum througput of an 802.11g network is
  87. connectionless, message-based protocol with best effort service:

    connection-oriented protocol with guarantee service:

    resolves IP addresses to MAC addresses


  88. IPV4 addresses class
    • Class A-
    • Class B-
    • Class C-
    • Class D-
  89. VPN connections
    SSL VPN- allows a remote user to connect to a private network from anywhere on the internet

    site-to-site VPN- securely connects two portions of a private network or two private networks 

    layer 2 tunneling protocol- creates an unencrypted connection between two network devices
  90. the default gateway addresses identifies the
    device that will connect the computer to a remote network
  91. attenuation in a wireless network signal is a result of
    distance from the access point
  92. a network device that associates a media access control (MAC) address with a port is a
  93. the function of a router is to
    forward traffic to other networks
  94. which network does the IP address belong to
  95. one advantage of dynamic routing is that it
    automatically maintains routing tables
  96. to directly connect the ethernet network interface cards (NICs) of two computers you should use
    crossover cables
  97. which type of network is most valuable to intrusion
  98. the protocol that maps IP addresses to a media access control (MAC) address is
    address resolution protocol (ARP)
  99. which of the following uses pointer records and A records
    DNS sever
  100. the default port used for telnet is
  101. a VPN is an
    encrypted connection across the internet
  102. a layer 2 device that connects multiple computers within a network is a
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