Insurance Regulation: State Regs 2

  1. Publishing FALSE or maliciously critical material which is derogatory to the financial condition of an insurer is an illegal practice known as:
  2. A person aggrieved by any order of the commissioner on a hearing may appeal and demand a court review. He appeals to the:
    District Court for East Baton Rouge Parish
  3. Promising to return a portion of a premium to a prospective insurance buyer is an illegal practice known as:
  4. ALL are Unfair Claims Settlement Practices EXCEPT:
    Filing a Fraudulent claim.
  5. ALL of the following are Unfair Trade Practices EXCEPT:
    Controlled business
  6. When a person or organization demands a hearing before the commissioner for a legitimate reason, the hearing MUST be held within:
    30 days
  7. What is the MAXIMUM fine that may be imposed for a willful violation of a cease and desist order issued by the commissioner?
  8. When the commissioner orders a hearing EXCEPT in cases involving insolvency, the notice of the hearing MUST be given to ALL parties affected at least ____ days in advance.
  9. After a hearing has concluded, in most cases the commissioner will issue an order on the hearing within:
    30 days
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Insurance Regulation: State Regs 2
Insurance Regulation: State Regs 2