Insurance Reg: STATE REGS 1

  1. The Louisiana Insurance Commissioner is:
  2. Federal Legislation that requires companies to give consumers privacy notices that explain the institutions' information-sharing practices and policies is known as:
    Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
  3. What law requires producers to get permission before accessing consumers' credit reports?
    Fair Credit Reporting Act
  4. Under Federal Law, a person in the insurance business who intentionally makes a FALSE material statement or claim that places the insurers safety and soundness in jeopardy may be imprisoned up to ____ years.
  5. The Insurance Commissioner's term of office is:
    4 years
  6. If the Insurance Commissioner becomes incapacitated, the commissioner's powers will be exercised by the:
    Chief Deputy Commissioner
  7. Before a Domestic insurance company can transact insurance in Louisiana, it MUST apply for a _______ which the commissioner will issue if the insurer is qualified.
    Certificate of Authority
  8. In addition to the MINIMUM examination requirements, the commissioner may examine insurers as often as:
    Deemed necessary
  9. Every authorized insurer MUST be examined by the commissioner at least once every:
    Five years
  10. The Louisiana Insurance Code is called:
    Title 22
  11. Ron is a licensed real estate agent. He receives a portion of the commission of every client he brings to Judy, a licensed insurance producer:
    This is illegal and Judy could spend time in prison.
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Insurance Reg: STATE REGS 1
Insurance Reg: STATE REGS 1