English paper 2

  1. Sarajevo Marlboro neighbors quote
    "Neighbors looked after one another, ate together, gave each other their last handfuls of rice. They believed that they would soon be redeemed, that the world and God would see what they were like and release them from the suffering."
  2. explain Bosnian hotpot
    • Elena and zlaja
    • multiethnic couple separated by politics revolving around ethnic differences and consequent internal migration in the balkans
    • with the destruction of the landscape that nurtured their love, the "fragile world that cocooned their relationship" also disintegrates
    • in an attempt to revive the old magic, Zlaja immerses himself in the divine delicacy Bosnian Hotpot, which is, in his words, something that is "derived from pure pleasure"
  3. what does emotional connection allow in sm?
    • it not only build atmosphere and allows for more believable characters, but it also increases the artistic value of the text and draws a difference between the short stories and mere historical accounts 
    • these are war stories entirely other than what people were used to reading
    • jergovic distances himself from the tropes of short stories about war, such as treating the past as something to be forgotten and the characters living the end of their lives happily.
  4. what are the aims of sm?
    • present the contradictions faced by characters which enact a historical reality (Beetle, first night of the bombing, and wonders "who would be the first casualty - would it be my beetle?")
    • gives an insight into physical (descriptive language) and emotional landscape of characters
  5. what are the conventions of short stories that sm also follows
    short simple mundane almost trivial events in a fast paced nature to ensure reader attention
  6. style of sm
    • conversational, casual tone 
    • colloquial language 
    • characterization encapsulates the reality of life during the siege of Sarajevo
  7. context of a modest proposal
    • Ireland is under English rule 
    • tensions between catholicism and Protestantism 
    • ills of society caused by the hypocrisy, greed and ignorance of the upper class
  8. linguistic methods in amp?
    • follows the teaching of neoclassical literature in the pedagogical use of literary devices such as othering, generalization, stereotyping which reflect the sociocultural context 
    • additionally, he uses expert opinion and jargon to mock the increasing belief in pseudoscience by the upper class which reflect the values of "the age of rationality"
  9. amp target audience
    upper middle class males (complex vocabulary, long sentences)
  10. tone of amp
    matter of fact tone coupled with gruesome imagery emphasizes the lack of competence of the upper class
  11. referring to wives as
    • mares, foals and cows 
    • of their husbands and constant rise of terminology belonging to husbandry
  12. contemplation
    art as an object of contemplation, rather than a call to arms, a cry for justice, an act of solidarity or a witness to history
  13. slavoj zizek
    postmodern racism , where apartheid is legitimized as the ultimate form of anti racism, as an endeavor to prevent racial tensions and conflicts
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