Final 3

  1. Where can one find the Civil War Amendments?
    Amendments 13-15
  2. What is a power directly stated in the Constitution called?
    Expressed Power
  3. One person or group claims control over an area or makes all within it submit to that person's or groups' rule is this theory:
    Force Theory
  4. What does Article III of the Constitution cover?
    Judicial Branch
  5. In the Preamble, there is a quote "to ourselves and our posterity."  What does posterity mean?
    Future Gererations
  6. A closed meeting between the parties of each house is called:
    A Caucus
  7. What is the major function of Congress?
    To make laws
  8. Congress is made up of how many members?
  9. What is the main duty of the Vice President?
    Preside over the Senate
  10. Committee members going through a bill section by section, making any changes:
    Mark-Up Session
  11. What is the absence of government?
  12. Money or property temporarily surrendered to the government by a defendant who will be released until trial to ensure that he will not flee the juisdiction:
  13. What is it called when a president win the electoral college votes but loses the popular vote?
    Unpopular president
  14. Which form of government is best described as a system in which individuals vote to elect leaders or enact laws:
  15. A panel which receives accusations of crimes, hears preliminary evidence, and hands down indictments:
    Grand Jury
  16. A child born on foreign soil to parents that are U.S. citizens becomes a citizen based on which of the following:
    Jus Sanguinis
  17. What is a bicameral legislature?
    A legislature with 2 Houses
  18. Who is 2nd in line to succeed the President?
    Speaker of the House
  19. Each state gets this many Senators:
  20. A jury which can't agree on a specific verdict:
    Hung Jury
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