Bio Chapter 2

  1. When something is made out of carbon it its referred to as what?
  2. When different things are attached to carbon it is called what?
    A Functional group
  3. Name the six different functional groups of carbon:
    • 1. Alcohol
    • 2. Amino proteins
    • 3. Acid proteins
    • 4. Aldehyde
    • 5. Ketone
    • 6. Phosphate group
  4. What are the four molecules of life?
    • 1. Carbohydrates
    • 2. Lipids
    • 3. Proteins
    • 4. Nucleic acid
  5. What are the three different kinds of Carbohydrates?
    • 1.Monosaccarides
    • 2.Disaccarides
    • 3.Polysaccarides
  6. What is the kind of carbohydrate that is a simple sugar worth one sugar unit? What is an example of this?
    • Monosaccarides
    • Ex. Glucose
  7. What kind of carbohydrate is worth two sugar units?
    An example of this is what?
    • Disaccarides
    • Ex. Milk
  8. Sucrose and Maltose are examples of what?
  9. A Monomer is what?
    A single unit or building block
  10. What is a Polysaccaride?
    Give an example of one.
    • Complex carbohydrates
    • Ex. Starch
  11. The cell walls of plants is known as what?
  12. The energy storage found in animals is known as what?
  13. A polysaccaride that is often used for insect exoskeletons is what?
  14. Energy storage
    Membrane structure of cells
    Hormones are all examples of functions of what?
  15. What are the building blocks of fats and oils?
    1 Glycerol and three fatty acids
  16. What type of fatty acid is solid at room temperature?
    Often has only single carbons with hydrogen
    Saturated fatty acid
  17. What type of fatty acid is liquid at room temperature and has one or more double bonds with hydrogen?
    Unsaturated fatty acid
  18. What type of fatty acid has two or more double bonds?
    What is an example of this?
    Polysaturated fatty acids
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