childhood gastroenteritis

  1. with childhood gastroenteritis what is there a sudden onset of?
    • diarrhoea
    • sometimes accompanied by vomiting
  2. what is there a risk of?
    • dehydration 
    • red flag
  3. when does the D and V usually self resolve within?
    • D-1-2 weeks 
    • V- 2-3 days
  4. what presenting symptoms should you consider an alternative diagnosis?
    • high temp
    • SOB/ tachypnoea 
    • altered consciousness 
    • neck stiffness 
    • bulging fontanelle 
    • non blanching rash 
    • blood and or mucus in stool 
    • bilious vomit 
    • severe or localised abdominal pain 
    • abdominal pain or tenderness
  5. when considering an alternative diagnosis, what are the different temps for different ages?
    • ≥38 in a child <3 months 
    • ≥39 in a child ≥3 months
  6. what age are you looking for a bulging fontanelle in?
    <18 months
  7. what is the management for gastroenteritis?
    • encourage fluid intake 
    • convey to hospital due to risk of dehydration
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