convulsions in paed

  1. what are 4 causes of convulsions?
    • febrile 
    • brain insult
    • epilepsy 
    • convulsive status epilepticus
  2. what do febrile convulsions occur from?
    • sudden rise in temperature 
    • usually between 6 months and 6 years
  3. OP and NP tubes should be used for convulsions.T orF
  4. what can be used if there is no trismus?
  5. what underlying causes could you be looking for?
    • blood glucose 
    • temperature 
    • Spo2 
    • rash
  6. buccal midazolam can be used for the treatment of convulsions. t or f
    • True 
    • only if available as per care plan
  7. what should you be prepared to do after anticonvulsants have been administered?
    ventilate with BVM
  8. when you are about to put an OP into a child, how do you open the mouth?
    gently with thumb and forefinger
  9. what should you use to assist putting the OP in?
    tongue depressor
  10. The OP should be placed in the mouth the same as an adult. T or F
    • False 
    • the curved bit should be facing down 
    • following the natural curvature of the airway
  11. what must be used to allow the OP tube to function effectively?
    jaw thrust
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