Final 2

  1. A child born in the United States becomes a U.S. citizen based on which of the following:
    Jus Soli
  2. What is the selection of an impartial jury for a trial called?
    Voir Dire
  3. The retrial of a person who was judged not guilty of the crime in the previous trial:
    Double Jeopardy
  4. Where can one find the twentieth century amendments?
    Amendments 16-27
  5. Central government has all of the power and local government have only powers given to them by central government is this form of government:
  6. Counsel employed to represent a defendant:
    Defense Attorney
  7. What principle of the constitution provides for the each branch of government to exercise control over the others?
    Checks and Balance
  8. In the House of Representatives, states are represented in terms of this:
  9. Commander in chief, appoint judges, appoint ambassadors, and pardoning are all examples of what?
    Executive Expressed Powers
  10. Who is 1st in line to succeed the President:
    Vice President
  11. Which form of government is best described as a system in which "all the power is held by a small group of people"?
  12. Who is the current President of the Senate?
    Mike Pence
  13. Where can one find specific limits on government in the areas of individual freedom and expression?
    Amendments 1-10
  14. What principle of the Constitution developed from the case Marbury vs. Madison?
    Judicial Review
  15. How many members make up the House of Representatives?
  16. What principle of the Constitution provides for power being divided between national, state, and local governments?
  17. The minimum number electoral votes required to win the presidency is:
  18. Levy taxes, borrow money, declare war, establish post offices are all examples of what?
    Executive Expressed Powers
  19. What is a power that is not directly stated in the Constitution?
    Implied Powers
  20. What does Article VII of the Constitution cover?
  21. The power to veto is a check and balance between what tow branches of government?
    Executive and Legislative
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